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How should you evaluate a smartphone? Five Factors To Consider - Bajaj Finserv EMI Store

By Finserv MARKETS - Mar 16,2019
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The present age is that of connectivity and communication. Being a part of the 21st century means that smartphones are inevitably going to be your default communication devices. The mobile that you choose to buy may be brand new or old and refurbished, equipped with the latest hardware or need some software upgrade and so on. Many a time, one may not have the whole amount of money to buy a smartphone from Oppo which makes smartphones in basic as well as premium categories. In such a scenario visiting a portal like the Bajaj Finserv EMI Store can help you a lot.

Screen Size

One of the most important things to evaluate in a smartphone is its screen size. Generally, mobile like Oppo smartphones and others come in three sizes, small, medium and large. Small screen size is lesser than five inches, is compact and easy to hold with a small interface. A screen size varying between five to five and a half inches is considered in the medium category and is thought of as the perfect fit for any hand by most customers at large. On the other hand, anything beyond five and a half inches is often categorized under large screen size and includes phablets, a combination of phone and tablets.

Battery Life

This is another quite important feature to look at when buying a smartphone. Before putting money across the counter, talk to people around you – family, friends and colleagues to know about the battery life of various mobile handsets. Also, think of getting a phone from EMI Store at Finserv Markets which could help you save some money too!


Brands like Oppo smartphone come loaded with huge storage capacity and other specifications catering to various target groups across markets in metro and non-metro cities too. While some want very large storage space, others don’t need it so much. Hence, take your best pick as a customer every time!

Camera Quality

If you are a photo lover like many others, ensure that you take a good look at the camera quality of the mobile phone that you wish to purchase. Photo editing may not be possible on refurbished or older models; even picture quality could suffer sometimes. Thus, make a checklist of quality camera features that you want and make a wise choice of keeping your budget constraints in mind. Many mobiles come with superior image quality through front and back camera, yet it’s up to you to choose as per your needs and preferences as it’s your money at the end of the day.


The design of the smartphone includes attributes like its thickness, the edges, the finish, and the overall aesthetics. These are important for better functionality of the smartphone. In fact, you would be more willing to spend at EMI Store from Finserv Markets on mobile like Oppo smartphone if it has a good design and is easy on the hands. Most smartphones now also feature shatterproof glass display not just to make it look flawless, but for added durability too. At least, ask for a phone with Gorilla Glass display material as that is one of the basic and sought after ones in the market these days.

Thus, the number of smartphones and their specifications may keep changing continuously, yet customer like you shall remain the final judge, always. It is good to discuss and deliberate among your group of trusted confidantes while making such purchases. Even better is getting EMI Store help right away.

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