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In what climate is an air cooler the right option for your home?

By Finserv MARKETS - Aug 13,2019
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Air coolers, as compared to air conditioners, are cheaper, and are also environmentally friendly. Considering the air coolers draw air from the outside, to provide cool air inside the room, these do not require refrigerants or other chemicals for operation.

Read on to know about in what climate are air coolers the right option for your home:

Air cooling systems also work on the principle of evaporative cooling; the cooler draws hot air from the outside, before running it through the cooling media, which can be wet filter pads or cellulose cooling pads. This leads to the air temperature being lowered, which is then distributed inside the room by using a fan.

Water is initially stored in the air cooling system, and when the hot air passes over the cooling pads which are sprayed with water, the water evaporates, due to the latent heat of evaporation. Thus, the evaporated water takes the latent heat from the hot air being drawn from the outside, and thus cools it down. The exhaust fan inside the cooler then distributes the air inside the room, resulting in a drop in room temperature.

However, in places with high humidity, the evaporation of water isn’t as fast. In turn, due to the presence of high quantity of moisture, the surrounding air reaches the level of saturation, at which stage you feel the presence of water droplets being produced by the air cooler. Thus, air coolers are better suited for dry climates with less humidity.

In places which are humid, due to evaporative cooling, the moisture content in the air is also increased. This makes the room feel hot, uncomfortable and stuffy. Furthermore, too much humidity inside the house also leads to mold growth, and can also create condensation in your walls, which results in structural damage, or wood rot. Too much humidity can also lead to respiratory problems.

Humidity Levels Required for Effective Air Cooler Operation

  • Evaporation or desert coolers are most effective where the relative humidity is comparatively low, thus finding their major application in areas with dry climates.
  • During evaporative cooling, the internal humidity levels increase significantly.
  • This, in turn, is extremely effective in areas with dry climates, as the moist air from the cooler rehydrates dry skin.
  • By taking into consideration the air temperature — or to be precise, the “dry bulb temperature” (which is the temperature measured using a thermometer without considering any other factors), one can predict the level of humidity required for air coolers to work effectively.
  • “Wet bulb temperature” is taken to factor in the humidity, which displays how the humidity in the air affects cooling.
  • Similarly, the relative humidity measures the extent of air that is saturated with water in percentage. This percentage takes into account the amount of moisture present in the air, and compares it to the maximum amount of water the air can hold at that temperature.
  • Through the chart, one can observe the optimum conditions for evaporative coolers, at the given air temperature and the percentage of relative humidity.
  • For instance, at an air temperature of 90 degrees Fahrenheit, and relative humidity of 30 percent, the air cooling system can bring down the air temperature to 74 degrees Fahrenheit.

Let’s take a look at the best Air coolers based on the climate.

Symphony 50L Air Cooler (White) Diet 50I

  • The Symphony 50L Diet 50I Air Cooler’s in-built i-pure technology is the best air cooler for home and provides multistage air purification, thereby protecting you from allergens and bacteria.
  • With an area coverage of 57 m3, it provides greater cooling experience, while consuming just 170 watts!
  • Furthermore, this elegantly designed cooler also comes with honeycomb cooling pads and system restore function, and can be controlled using a remote.
  • To provide maximum cooling at any temperature, the cooler also has an icy water inlet, and an air-throw capacity of 10 metres! This is one of the best air cooler in India.

Thus, air coolers are more effective in areas with a dry climate and less humidity. Furthermore, the Symphony air coolers work best when the room has optimum ventilation. Ensure that you keep your windows open, so that the Symphony 50L air cooling system can draw in fresh air, and reduce the air temperature inside the room.

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