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Is the iPhone the most influential smartphone of all time?

By Finserv MARKETS - Aug 26,2019
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Have you ever wondered why people buy iPhone? Let us take a look at why do people buy iphone and whether iPhone can make it to the list of most influential gadgets.

On the 9th of January in 2007 the world of mobile phones changed forever. Apple had just announced the first iPhone. Steve Jobs called it a “revolutionary mobile phone” – he said it was like having “your life in your pocket”. People queued in for hours to buy an iPhone. The iPhone did re-invent communication and the smartphone has truly taken on a life of its own. Fast forward to 2019, it’s not just connectivity anymore but those millions of apps which make your life easier whether it’s shopping, cooking, sports, health or managing your money. Smartphones have become an integral part of our lives.

The biggest impact on the world with the iPhone was the internet accessibility. It started with the Safari browser and over the years saw steady growth with the increased use of apps, photos, and videos. We all became photographers with those photo-editing apps in our smartphones. Rise of social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram and many other now, in turn, created a need to post our photos which continues to date.

The App Store was launched by Apple only in 2008 – a year later than the iPhone’s launch. There were only 500 apps at the time. Today, there are over 1.8 million apps on the iPhone App Store and over 2.1 million on Android platform Google Play. These Apps have transformed phones into everything from a gaming device to a stock market trading platform. One can do graphic designing to banking and even call for a taxi through these apps. Not only this, a smartphone has replaced a lot of everyday items like clocks, calculators, calendars, flashlights, music players, Maps and many more. All of this together fits in your palm with ease and iPhone made it possible.

Smartphones gave way to on-demand work like cab services, food delivery services, etc. It was made easily accessible with the GPS in smartphones. No matter where you are in this world with your smartphone, you can never get lost because all you need is an app to find your way back.

People all over the world spend more time than ever before consuming information via the internet, thanks to smartphones. Socializing and networking now occurs on social media platforms and over mobile connections on their iPhones and other smartphones. Not to forget – the rise of dating apps. Direct human interaction time is decreasing every day. Activities like reading a newspaper or watching TV are all done on a smartphone, thereby decreasing the time spent on other media. This means there’s a shift in how we advertise. Advertising money goes wherever the eyes are. It’s all about digital marketing and advertising. The internet has not only replaced traditional advertising platforms like TV and paper worldwide, but internet advertising itself is transitioning from desktop to mobile.

Apple generated $1.9 billion of profits on $19.3 billion of revenues in 2006 — mostly from the iPod and Mac. Apple was still struggling before it launched the iPhone. With the iPhone’s addition, not only has its business grown more than 10 times over the last 12 years, it paved the way for continuous innovation in the world of smartphones.

In 2016, it generated $45.6 billion of profits on $215.6 billion of revenues. The iPhone drove 63 percent of its sales that year. Companies which followed suit are flourishing and mobile giants like Nokia and business phones like Blackberry which could not reinvent themselves, drowned. With the rise and rise of the iPhone and its high price point, many new manufacturers joined the market and created a niche in low budget and mid-range smartphones. iPhones have always been a premium phone which is not for the masses. In the year 2017, Apple launched its 10the generation iPhone marking its 10th anniversary. The mighty iPhone X. The iPhone X will cost one an arm and a leg in India due to import duties.

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These days because of a lot of other cheaper options by Chinese manufacturers and Samsung, iPhones sales have gone down. Keep in mind that iPhones are way more expensive than any other smartphone available in the market, so Apples’ revenue per phone is higher even though unit sales aren’t the biggest. And no matter which smartphone you have, “If you don’t have an iPhone, you don’t have an iPhone.”

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