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Kent vs Blue Star: who makes the best water purifiers under 10,000?

By Finserv MARKETS - Aug 30,2019
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Best water purifiers can be judged by their capacities to remove both dissolved and suspended particles in water without hampering the essential natural minerals in it. Water purification process and the associated technologies are getting advanced day by day. Speaking of storage, most purifiers come with a storage tank to store the purified drinking water. If you have a small family, a 5-7 litre water purifier can do the job. You can select HUL Pureit Ultima that has a 10-litre storage tank if your family is medium or large. There are various kinds of water purifiers in the market like reverse osmosis, gravity based water purifiers, ultraviolet, ultra-purification and RO + UV water purifiers. There are various kinds of water purifiers in the market like reverse osmosis, gravity based water purifiers, ultraviolet, ultra-purification and RO + UV water purifiers.

In the water purifiers under 10,000 category, we have gravity based water purifiers topping the list. It is ideal only when you use soft water and the TDS levels in the water is low. These purifiers do not require electricity to operate. Choose a gravity based water purifier which is based on ultrafiltration technology. You may install the reverse osmosis water purifiers where water contains high TDS level. RO purification removes heavy metals, pesticides, Arsenic, Fluoride, Cadmium and other toxic dissolved salts present in water. Unlike gravity based purifiers, RO purifiers need electricity to operate. Make sure that an RO comes with a TDS controller that retains presence of natural minerals in drinking water, as most of them tend to remove natural minerals along with toxic dissolved salts.

Next in line in water purifiers under 10,000 category would be the UV water purifiers. The UV bulb located inside the water purifier can kill viruses, bacteria and other microorganisms in the water. The only drawback is that it cannot remove dissolved salts from water. Ultrafiltration water purifiers are similar to RO and they can operate without electricity. These water purifiers use a very fine membrane to kill cysts or bacteria, along with other microbes present in the water. RO + UV are ideal that can work with all kinds of water. It is always better to purchase an RO + UV water purifier that comes with a TDS regulator and also check the TDS levels before using it.

Kent vs Blue Star Water Purifiers

Some of the trusted water purification brands include Kent, Blue Star, HUL Pureit, Eureka Forbes etc. These brands also have a wide range of water purifiers under 10,000 . Both Kent and Blue Star specialise in their field through innovation and excellent distribution. Both use their unique technologies to make water safe for drinking and also retain its natural taste and minerals.

Blue Star is a 70-year-old leading Indian company with an excellent distribution and service centres all over the country. The initial offerings of Blue Star water purifiers are in four series–Stella, Edge, Majesto and Prisma. Blue Star’s Stella is India’s first RO+UV purifier that dispenses hot, cold and room temperature water. Some unique features of Blue Star water purifiers include anti-stagnant ripple technology to stop slime formation in the purified tank, child lock option, taste enhancer that adds purified essential minerals to RO water along with electronic dispensing buttons to give ice cold, normal water or hot water for tea, coffee, noodles and soups.

On the other hand, despite its humble beginnings today Kent has emerged as one of the best Indian water purifier companies with sales outlets all over the country. Kent is a prominent player of the RO technology along with TDS controllers ensuring the purest form of drinking water. Kent RO is one of the fastest growing RO water purifier brands in India. The Kent water purifiers are ideal for Indian households because they can handle the municipal water supply and natural groundwater with ease. This water purifier is different from other products as it comes equipped with a futuristic double purification system comprising of RO and UV/UF. This technology eliminates all impurities such as bacteria, viruses and dissolved salts but that should not concern you as Kent’s patented RO technology comes with TDS controllers that replenish the minerals lost during the whole purification process to give you tasty drinking water. Other notable features normally include computer controlled operations, high storage capacity etc.


Two water purifiers under 10,000 from each listed below:


  1. Blue Star Aristo RO+UV:

Available in two colors, white and black, Blue Star Aristo uses calcite media to maintain optimum pH level and improves the taste of water to give you sweet natural tasting water. It removes all kinds of organic impurities that may result in bad odour in the purified water. These are deal water purifiers with plenty of features that make it one of the best water purifiers under 10,000 in 2019. It performs 6-stage purification process to make sure that the purified water is not only free from every type of suspended and dissolved impurities but is also 100% safe from disease inflicting micro-organic impurities like microorganisms, viruses and cysts. Some of the features that make this purifier highly sought after in the Indian market are its double-layered RO+ UV protection, Aqua Taste Booster, stylish design, 6-stage purification process, child-lock system, high purification capacity, superfine sediment filter, and 7 litres large tank that stores enough water for the entire family.

  1. KENT Maxx 7-Litres UV + UF Double purification Water Purifier:

It is capable of removing even dead bacteria from purified water. This is one of the best water purifiers in India that comes with a computer controlled operation along with filter change alarm and UV fails alarm. Not just pure water, through this apparatus you get water that tastes great. It is affordable and is one of the best water purifiers under 10,000. Kent’s products are foremost and effective. The functionalities include fully automatic UV purifier, suitable for low TDS water, ultramodern design and digital display, ABS construction for corrosion free lifespan, LED indicator for power and purification display, and the purifier also retains essential minerals in the water.



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