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Key differences: Direct Cool Technology vs Frost Free Technology

By Finserv MARKETS - Apr 4,2019
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Let us be honest – refrigerators are an integral part of the household, and you cannot live without opening and closing its door every few minutes. Whether it is for grabbing a cold bottle or cooling down your freshly-cooked brownies, technology plays an important role in the way your refrigerator works. Therefore, when you are looking to purchase your new refrigerator, a few important considerations in your decision-making process can ensure that you are in the right direction.

One of these considerations is between the traditional direct cool refrigerator or the current frost-free one. The two appliances use different technologies in their workings, and it is important to compare the benefits of both before making the purchase. To simplify your buying experience, you can head to an EMI store hosted, for instance, on Bajaj Finserv EMI Store to browse through the latest products and technologies in the market.

Direct cool refrigerators

If you were born in the 1990s, you probably grew up with a direct cool refrigerator. The refrigeration occurs due to the natural circulations of cool air – without the need for external aid. While this sounds wonderful, it also makes it impossible to control the circulator leading to an uneven distribution of temperature. You might need to spend some time scraping the ice out of the freeze box. The frost collects in and around the freeze box and requires manual cleaning to clear it up. You will also need to use the knob or button to defrost the ice. The direct cool technology is limited to single door refrigerators, but it has a few advantages as well.

  • Direct cool refrigerators use less electricity as compared to the frost-free ones.
  • The refrigerators can keep food products fresh.
  • Their exterior part does not heat up as opposed to the frost-free refrigerators.
  • They are quite perfect for a small family of two or three members.

Now, let us come to the disadvantages.

  • The need for manual defrosting is one of the major cons.
  • They are only suitable for small families due to their capacity that is between 50 and 250 litres.
  • It is only found in single door refrigerators.

Frost-free refrigerators

You could already guess the first advantage – it is frost-free. You do not need to spend time manually cleaning the ice from the freeze box. The refrigerator uses electric fans for uniform air circulation within the appliance. The cooling coil in the refrigerator is hidden, and the electric fans are responsible for blowing cold air into each compartment. You might have heard of this cooling principle in science class – it’s called indirect or convection cooling. The food items in the fridge do not come in direct contact with the coils, and there is no frost around the freezer compartment. Here are a few advantages to purchasing a fridge with frost-free technology.

  • There is no need for constantly scrubbing at the freeze box with the frost-free technology. The cooling is managed by electric fans to make your life more convenient.
  • It literally opens up new doors. The frost-free refrigerators come in the double door, triple door, and side by side door variants.
  • The capacity is between 50 and 650 litres. This makes it suitable for large and medium-sized families.
  • They work better than direct cool refrigerators in maintaining the freshness of your food items.
  • It is easy to monitor the temperature with the in-built thermostat.

The frost-free technology simplifies the lives of people across the globe every day, but let us look at some disadvantages as well.

  • The main disadvantage is the price tag that comes with it. Frost-free refrigerators consume more electricity and cost more than the direct cool variants.

Now that we have looked at the pros and cons of each technology, let us spend some time on the best ways to purchase your new refrigerator. Gone are the days where you spend hours at a local electronics store looking for the best refrigerator brands and try to mentally sift through the plethora of information and brochures offered by the salesperson. You can now purchase your new fridge online in a few clicks with attractive discounts and EMI offers at online stores including the EMI store at Finserv Markets. With zero down payment and zero interest on EMIs, instant approval, and same-day delivery from a network of 43,000+ stores, online EMI stores create a hassle-free shopping experience for you. Last but not least, if you are worried about financing your new fridge online, the Bajaj Finserv EMI Store offers pre-approved personal loans up to INR 25 lakh.

While the frost-free and direct cool refrigerators offer their own set of advantages and disadvantages, remember to evaluate the different variants depending on your needs and those of your loved ones.


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