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Modern air coolers look different from traditional desert coolers: Here are 5 changes

By Finserv MARKETS - May 14,2019
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Traditionally, air coolers have been preferred to air conditioners in places with less humidity. With air coolers costing significantly less than what an AC costs, while also circulating fresh air, the evaporation or desert coolers became the first choice for customers, as summer approached. With the advancement in technology, the modern air coolers have since replaced their more archaic predecessors, while the operating principle of the air coolers has remained the same.

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Traditional desert coolers, which are larger in size and require anywhere between 30-60 litres, had to be fixed near a window. Unlike modern air coolers, these desert coolers weren’t portable and required either a stand or a mount to for placement. Also known as outdoor coolers, desert coolers are suited for medium to large-sized rooms. Modern air cooling systems come with castor wheels, making it easier to move the cooler, and use them wherever necessary.

Cooling Pad Technology

Traditional desert coolers used cooling pads, or wood shavings and synthetic fibres as the cooling medium. With lower water retention capability and higher maintenance, these cooling pads were inefficient and often resulted in large amounts of water being consumed. Furthermore, the cooling pads made from aspen wood were also fragile, and would often get damaged during the installation process.

However, the modern air cooling systems use cellulose cooling pads and eco-cool cooling pads, which have higher water retention capability. This ensures better evaporation, thereby increasing the cooler’s cooling efficiency. These materials are also durable, and unlike aspen wood, do not require constant maintenance and replacement. These modern cooling pads ensure the longevity of the modern air coolers while providing better air quality.

Ice Cube Tray

The modern air coolers also come with an ice cube tray, which is a significant upgrade from the traditional desert coolers. This feature allows customers to add icy water to the tank, thereby enabling quick and efficient cooling. While adding ice to the tank ensures faster cooling, adding too much ice can also work against you, as it prevents evaporation, thus reducing the cooling of air. However, by following the instructions, you can use this feature to your advantage, which comes in handy during the scorching summers.

Inverter Compatibility

In the past, customers were left ruing their misfortune during power outages, especially during the summer. Even with an inverter, traditional desert coolers weren’t compatible, and thus couldn’t be used. However, the modern air coolers, due to their copper wirings perform reliably with an inverter. The fact that air coolers consume less power than the traditional air conditioners also work in their favour. Thus, with their inverter compatibility, modern air coolers are now used for providing long-lasting cooling, even during power outages.

Digital Features and Remote Control

The modern air cooler models are also sleek and stylish, a stark contrast from the traditional desert coolers. Furthermore, by adding digital features, such as the digital control panel, the modern coolers offer greater convenience and fan control.

Air cooling systems today also come with remote control, giving customers quick access to the settings. This ensures that you can control the speed of the fan with ease, without having to change the settings manually.

Bajaj 34L Air Cooler (White) TC 2007

The Bajaj 34L Air Cooler (White) TC 2007 comes with castor wheels, to ensure easy mobility. Furthermore, the masterfully crafted air cooler also comes equipped with honeycomb cooling media, and the three-side, easily removable cooling pads ensure enhanced performance. With a rated power of 175 watts, this air cooler is also inverter-compatible, thereby providing greater feasibility to the customers. Its chill-trap technology and unique ice box further make this air cooler a must-buy, especially during the summer.

The modern air coolers are considerably cheaper than the conventional air conditioners, and with the integration of the above-mentioned features, provide greater convenience, and are more durable than the traditional desert coolers.


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