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Split AC vs window AC: Which should you choose and why?

By Finserv MARKETS - Mar 18,2019
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Choosing the right air conditioner for your house is a critical step in ensuring both the aesthetic and comfort level of your home. While many believe that split air conditioners are the only way to go now, with their modern and sleek design, many still hold the opinion that window air conditioners offer the best cooling to your space. When deciding which air conditioner is the best for you, there a number of things you need to keep in mind, including, price, energy usage, noise, maintenance and interior design. Whichever AC you decide is the best for you, with the Bajaj Finserv Market’s EMI store, you can have your brand new Split AC or Window AC, delivered to your doorstep within 24 hours.

What are the key differences between split and window ACs? 

In order to be able to understand which AC is the best for your space, it is important to learn the key differences between a window and split air conditioner. Window air conditioners are wall mounted and are ideally suited for smaller rooms with windows. They tend to be very pocket-friendly as they are cheaper to purchase and maintain. Split air conditioners, on the other hand, do not require a window to be installed and come with a condenser and compressor. Split air conditioners have an indoor and outdoor unit, with the outdoor unit containing the compressor and the indoor unit has the evaporator. Now here are the factors that you should consider before deciding which air conditioner will be the best for you.


Usually, split air conditioners have various colours and patterns which can add to the overall aesthetic of your space. However, window air conditioners have a confined space and design, which is usually white. If you buy the air conditioner from Bajaj Finserv, not only do you get the AC delivered in 24 hours but get installation and demo within 2 days.

Cooling Power

Typically, split air conditioners are designed for bigger rooms as they have the ability to cool a room faster. However, window air conditioners are compact and portable and usually work better in smaller spaces. Hence the size of your room should also influence your decision of whether to buy a split or a window air conditioner.


Usually, a split air conditioner costs almost twice of a window air conditioner. While a 1-1.5 ton split air conditioner costs around Rs. 30-50,000, a 1-1.5 ton window air conditioner costs around Rs. 25-30,000.

Power Consumption

The power consumption of your air conditioner depends on its star rating. Air conditioners 5-star energy ratings have the best energy efficiency and consumer almost 10% less energy than 4-star air conditioners. If you are buying a bigger air conditioner for a large room, which you expect will run for 8-12 hours a day, it is advisable to invest into an air conditioner with a higher energy rating, even if it costs more.

With the Finserv Market’s EMI store, you can have your brand new air conditioner delivered to your doorstep within 24 hours, and installed in merely two days. What’s more, is that you have to no downpayment and can completely hassle-free avail the 10-day replacement policy.

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