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The benefits of inverter technology in refrigerators

By Finserv MARKETS - Oct 18,2019
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The benefits of inverter technology in refrigerators

Not long ago, the mere fact that you could chill and preserve food at home in an electronic machine (the humble refrigerator) was a source of marvel to many. How things have changed! Now, it is not uncommon to see a fridge with a touch screen like the one on mobile. They come in colours one could only dream of and in sizes that could rival small rooms in extremely crowded cities.

On the technology front, however, they have made even more daring strides. From powerful compressors, which distribute the cool air more evenly to power backups that could make your jaw drop, there is much to get excited about.

First, let us learn about the two broad types of a refrigerator.

Traditional Refrigerator v/s Inverter Technology Refrigerator.

Traditional Refrigerator

  • In the traditional refrigerator, a compressor, its heart, keeps it running throughout the day, keeping our ingredients cold and fresh.
  • Most traditional refrigerators use a single-speed type which keeps the products cool and then switches off before repeating the process again. Every time you open the refrigerator door, heat enters the refrigerator and the compressor has to take care of this load as well.
  • So most regular compressors take care of peak load along with the “door open shut” load which during most of the year is much more than the actual requirement. As a result, they consume a good amount of electricity.

Inverter Technology Refrigerator

  • In the case of an inveter compressor fridge, the compressor is the inverter itself and can operate at various speeds. At low speed, it runs a longer cycle. Both traditional and inverter compressor cycles go on and off; however, for inverter compressor, it takes longer at low speed.
  • The reason why inverter compressor works better is that like most modern items, it can easily adapt to the usage. Just as a smartphone with two SIM cards can put one SIM on 4G and the other on 2G, the same way an inverter fridge can sense and start operating at a higher speed as and when needed.
  • Once the ‘traffic’ around the refrigerator is slowed down, the compressor runs slow. Think of it as a modern, minimalist rain jacket compared to an old school raincoat!

It is clear that inverter refrigerators are more adaptable to our needs, especially in countries like India where AC is a luxury for most people.

Also, remember:

  • A conventional refrigerator is not flexible compared to an inverter refrigerator which is a tad more aggressive in grinding more electrical power across the year. As a result, you are likely to see savings of up to 40% on electricity consumption
  • An Inverter fridge generates low noise as compared to the conventional refrigerator.
  • If you are new to an inverter refrigerator, then you might see a slow cooling process.

But with all things modern, there is a catch: Inverter technology may not be brand new in technology, but people are only just starting it in these refrigerators. As such there are two important points. One, they are expensive and two they may not suit everyone’s needs, especially people who do not like to experiment with food.

However, remember that this is an investment. Six years ago, LED TVs were expensive and ten years ago, few could afford LCD TVs. People who bought it early paid a premium but got to enjoy the technology for longer too. While we are always eager to update our mobile phones, we somehow manage to continue using our appliances for decades.

If you have not changed your fridge for over a decade or are planning to buy one, it makes sense to spend a little extra and buy an inverter compressor fridge. Savings will soon set off the slightly higher initial cost you have to pay in electricity and you will be investing in a technology that is likely to be the future of refrigeration for the next few decades. Just as you will not now buy a TV that has the old school picture tube, do not invest in an old-school refrigerator.

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