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The Five Phones We All Still Want

By Finserv MARKETS - Apr 3,2019
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The Five Phones We All Want

Mobile Phone Nostalgia: Five Phones We Miss From the Last 15 Years

What is it about the past that makes us all misty-eyed –yearning for the good ol’ days? Especially because we humans also crave for the latest designs, technologies and features in products, it is difficult to understand the craze for the bygones.

When it comes to smartphones, however, it is easy to see why we still celebrate those old, simple, robust instruments called the basic mobile. They remind us of a life uncomplicated, a life more individualistic and suggest we return to a narrow range of self-consciousness, rather than chase social goals that diminish our own personality. So it is that the clamshell, the trackball, the gaming console, the Snake game and the slider make us sigh in longing. Here is an original generation (OG) five phone blast from the past 15 years.

1) Motorola Razr OG from 2004

It was really razor thin and it made the flip-open/ shut feature or clamshell phone model in metallic tones a rage. Shipped in 2004, the silver Razr V3 was just half-an-inch thick and weighed only 3.3 ounces. When you opened it, a shiny thin keyboard greeted you. It had a navigation toggle and customised keys for browsing and text messaging. The 2.5 inches 2,60,000 colour display was considered “vivid” in those days. A stamp-sized external display showed incoming calls without you having to flip open the phone. Now owned by Lenovo, the Motorola V3 design is making a comeback as consumers still pine for the flip-phone feature which disappeared in the Rectangular Revolution of the smartphone era.

2) LG Chocolate from 2006

If ever there was a designer phone, this was it. The style-statement was made loud and clear no sooner the slider phone buzzed or was slid open…a heat and touch-sensitive red touchpad glowed a deep warm and glorious red on the black chocolate-like phone. There was a white version too.  And it boasted of a 1.3-megapixel camera, video recorder, MP3/AAC player and a 2-inch 256K-colour TFT display (176 x 220 pixels). Critics like to stress that it was a case of style over substance, but it sure was a head-turner and came with a portrait mirror and polishing wad too. Speak of vanity!

3) Apple iPhone from 2007

A dozen years have passed since the marvel entered our pockets and purses, making us capable of making calls and browsing the Net on the go. Tech freaks went gaga over the phone-front being a touchscreen, all functions could be handled with a touch yet the sensors would switch off the feature to prevent face-dial. And oh yes, music and movies could also be downloaded[5] onto the rectangular phone. Named Time’s Invention of the Year, the silver trim and matte black iPhone and its many upgrades in later years have made Apple the most valuable company with a market capitalisation of $880 billion. You can check later iPhone variants on Finserv MARKETS. Remember you can buy a mobile phone on EMI without a credit card. Also watch out for the 2019 upgrades as iPhone 11 is rumoured to come with triple camera housing, a battery boost and an Airpower iPhone fast wireless charger with a speed of 15W. 

4) Nokia 3310 from 2000 reborn in 2017

It made news for strange reasons: Finland chose to make this mobile its national emoji to reflect the sturdy or unbreakable nature of the Finnish. The classic dark blue feature phone was a major hit during its time, though it did not have even a colour screen, leave alone wifi and camera. The green light that is emitted from its screen, the battery that lasted forever, the T9 texting system and the game of Snake was enough for it to become an icon of the nineties only to disappear. Then in 2017, it was re-launched by HMD Global and the “smile” signature element in the design of the keys and the user interface buttons which took visual ergonomics to a new level having been retained! It comes in cheerful colours and the small monochrome display has been replaced with a 24.4-inch colour QVGA screen. The 4G variant will also be available in India soon.  Bajaj Finserv EMI Store hosts many Nokia mobile phones and it is the perfect place to start your search.

5) Samsung Galaxy S3 from 2012

Welcomed with glee as the iPhone killer, this Ice Cream Sandwich Android also had a layer of Samsung’s proprietary TouchWiz graphical user interface. With a 4.8-inch 720p-resolution display, the S3 had 16GB or 32GB storage options as well as a micro SD card slot; the S-voice and eye tracker were also talked about features.  For the serious smartphone user, the device was an expensive must to surf the web, play 3D games and stream HD video. Unfortunately even as the patent war with Apple cast a shadow over the product, the “exploding’’ incidents caused it further damage.

As you can see, nostalgia over brands and products is so powerful that some of them even return in better forms. The new becomes old and the old becomes new again. So just go for the best and buy the best mobile phones on Bajaj Finserv EMI Store.

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