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Tips to increase the life expectancy of your washing machine

By Finserv MARKETS - Oct 18,2019
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life expectancy of your washing machine

To make life easier and do away with the cumbersome and mundane task of washing clothes, the washing machine is the perfect solution. These days washing machines come with a host of features to meet all your needs. They are available in top load and front load as well as semi-automatic and fully automatic variants. They also come in various washing capacities, washing methods, dimensions, function types, body features, as well as power requirements. There are constant innovations being made to make washing machines eco-friendly as well as cost efficient.

Importance of using washing machines correctly

While the washing machine is packed with useful features that are dedicated to making the chore of washing clothes a cakewalk, it is important to realize that it too requires care and attention every now and then. Failing to do washing machine maintenance can result in instances of regular breakdown, which in turn would massively reduce the life expectancy of the appliance and burn a hole in your pocket. So how to maintain your washing machine?

How to take care of washing machine? Let’s take a look at some Washing machine Tips:

Some washing machine maintenance tips that should be a part of your washing machine maintenance checklist and can help you increase the life expectancy of your washing machine are listed below-

1. Do not overload

One of the most important steps of washing machine care is ensuring that you do not overload your washing machine. Piling clothes and a busy work schedule can bait you to fall prey to this terrible choice but be aware as overloading fails to not only clean your clothes well but also causes mould development and unpleasant odour in the washing machine.

2. Check the pockets

The next washing machine care tip is to take time to put your clothes in the washing machine. Check each pocket and ensure that there is no sharp item stuck in your clothes. Rogue items during the wash cycle can damage the drum as well as the drain pump propeller leading to faulty drainage and overall breakdown.

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3. Clean the filter

This compartment in one corner of your washing machine requires cleaning on a monthly basis. The filter usually catches all the small items that escape your clothes during the wash cycle. Use a damp cloth to soak the water that may drain out when you open the filter.

4. Wash the washing machine

Like your soiled clothes your washing machine too requires washing. The washing machine maintenance needs to be done on a fortnightly or a monthly basis depending on the wash load. This prevents the build-up of mould, grit, and limescale as well as eliminates foul odour. Most machines come with a pre-set service wash settings, otherwise, you can run a hot wash cycle with bleach.

5. Keep a tap on the detergent

The belief that more detergent means better cleaning is a myth. One of the most important washing machine maintenance tips is to not put more detergent than mentioned on the detergent packet or advised in your user manual. Excess detergent can leave marks on your clothes as well as jam parts of your machine rendering it useless in a matter of months.

6. Balance the washing machine

Another washing machine care tip is to ensure that your washing machine is well balanced on a levelled ground. If your washing machine is not on stable ground the motor would generate a disturbing noise and in due time would fail to function due to excess stress.

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