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Top 10 Voltas Air Conditioners

By Finserv MARKETS - Mar 25,2019
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Top 10 Voltas Air Conditioners

Voltas Limited is an Indian company that specialises in air conditioning (Voltas AC India) and cooling technology and products. Currently, it is one of the most preferred brands in the market. Voltas has become a market leader since they offer innovative solutions at pocket-friendly prices. An established name in the country, Voltas has been leading the air conditioning market for over 60 years now.

In fact, the brand has the unique privilege of providing the air conditioning for the world’s tallest building, the Burj Khalifa, and the largest ocean liner, the RMS Queen Mary.

Voltas also added another feather to its cap when it won the first prize in the ‘Manufacturers of BEE Star Labelled Appliances (Air Conditioner)’ category as part of the National Energy Conservation Awards, 2015. The company had previously won the same award in December 2013.

If you’re currently in the market for an air conditioner for your home or office, here’s a list of the top 10 Voltas ACs in India to look at:

1.      Voltas AC (123 CZA):

This Voltas AC model has an anti-bacterial filter attached to it which traps the airborne dust and pollen and purifies the air. It also has an auto-restart function and sleep mode.

2.      Voltas AC (123 DZU):

This split AC features auto air swing mode, ensuring a cool and comfortable ambience. It is equipped with self-diagnosis tech that can help you detect any malfunctioning in the unit.

3.      Voltas AC (183 SZS):

This 1.5 ton AC is equipped with a High EER Rotary compressor. The refrigerant used in this Voltas AC is R-22.

4.      Voltas AC (123V DZU):

This split Inverter AC has an attached dehumidifier. This feature helps in removing excess moisture in the room. It is one of the most energy efficient AC and operates with minimal noise.

5.      Voltas AC (123LZF):

 This 3 star AC has anti-dust and anti-bacterial filters which purify the surrounding air. The sleep mode and turbo mode makes it a reliable option. 

6.      Voltas AC (243 CZY):

This Voltas Air Conditioner features auto restart, with default settings in case of a power cut. It is equipped with turbo mode and sleep mode. The Anti-Dust filter promises a complete deal for healthy living.

7.      Voltas AC (102 EZQ-R410A):

This Voltas Window AC is easy to install. A 2 star AC, it’s a very popular model for an economic price. The refrigerant gas used is R410A, which is environment-friendly.

8.      Voltas AC (183CZP):

The energy saver feature in this 3 star AC makes it an economic choice. Memory function and dust filter along with other popular features make this product worth your money.  

9.      Voltas AC (243CZY 4502332):

This 3 star AC gives you ambient cooling even when the outside temperature is 50 degree. The active dehumidifier senses the excess moisture and replaces it with cool and fresh air.


10. Voltas AC (24H SZS):

Not just during summers, but an AC that you can use even during winters. Yes, the intelligent heating feature in this 3 star AC keeps you warm and comfortable during winters. Plus, the added feature of 4 stage filtration removes allergens and odours, keeping the environment around you fresh and healthy. 


Now, let’s take a look at the Voltas ACs price and specifications in the table below

Model Name Type Ton Power consumption(Watt) Additional features Price


Voltas AC (123 CZA) Split AC


1 1011
  • Copper condenser coil Better cooling and requires low maintenance
Voltas AC (123 DZU) Split AC


1 1165
  • Variable speed compressor
  • Copper condenser coil
Voltas AC (183 SZS) Split AC

Non- Inverter

1.5 1450
  • Anti-dust
  • Acaro bacterium catechin filter
Voltas AC (123V DZU) Split AC


1 1165
  • Self-Diagnosis enables you to detect the cause of any malfunctioning
Voltas AC (123 LZF) Window 1 1143
  • Copper condenser Coil
  • Fully remote controlled.
Voltas AC (243 CZY)


Split AC

Non- Inverter

2 1866
  • Auto-Restart
  • Anti-Bacterial filter
Voltas AC (102 EZQ-R410A)



Non- Inverter

0.75 927
  • No ozone depletion potential.
Voltas AC (183CZP) Window

Non- Inverter

1.5 1649
  • Fresh air ventilation
  • Inner Grooved
Voltas AC (243CZY 4502332) Split AC


2 1345
  • Auto restart function
  • High EER Rotary
Voltas AC (24H SZS) Split AC 2 1045
  • Auto restart
  • Active carbon filter


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