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Top 5 new technologies introduced in smartphones in 2019

By Finserv MARKETS - Aug 26,2019
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2018 gave us some top-notch smartphones like Samsung Galaxy S9 and the iPhone XS setting some high expectations from 2019. 2019 is halfway through and we have already seen the foldable phone.

Let’s see some of the latest and new mobile technology in India in 2019:

  1. 5G Phones

  • The world is all set to welcome 5G networks while we are still struggling with 4G or LTE in some parts of the world. While the infrastructure for 5G mobiles is a work in progress and is still in nascent stages of development, smartphone manufacturers are already using it as a USP for their flagship devices of this year.
  • It may take another 12 months to actually get 5G network on a device, but smartphone manufacturers like Samsung, Huawei OnePlus, Sony, and others are all set to announce their 5G capable devices soon. If you are buying a new smartphone this year, make sure it’s future proofed with 5G support for the years ahead.
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  1. Foldable phones

  • One of the first foldable phones and which is actually flexible is The Royole FlexPai. Samsung and Huawei also launched their foldable phone. These smartphones are a bit bigger and heavier than usual smartphones and needless to say expensive as well.
  • Foldable phones are making noise in 2019 with their large screen-tablet-style experience when opened, and a petite, more pocket-friendly phone when folded. Android is also working to add support for screens that change in size, though Apple will take its time before taking a dip in the foldable phone pool.
  1. The Notch

  • A notch is a spot on the top of a smartphone where the camera sensor is usually placed. No one paid any attention to the notch until Apple sent the iPhone X our way in 2017 and now it’s everywhere. Some smart camera phone manufacturers like Vivo and Oppo, OnePlus have managed to completely eliminate the notch.
  • By 2020 we can bid our goodbyes to the notch as most smartphone makers are already working on a fingerprint sensor within the front display, and it is not long before front cameras can be concealed in the same way.
  1. Multiple camera lenses

  • Just like users are obsessed with our camera phones, clearly, it seems manufacturers are cinching on to the idea that camera lenses are an area where they can continue to play around and experiment.
  • First, it was the dual-lens camera phones, soon enough we got the triple-lens camera followed by the quad-lens camera, who knows what do they have in store for next year.
  • Reportedly, LG has applied for a patent for a camera which has 16 lenses! We would love to see how all those lenses are placed on the phone. What’s the use of all those extra lenses you’d ask. The technical answer is these lenses add to the picture quality with features like background smoothing, optical zoom, and better HDR reproduction by combining all the data from multiple lenses instead of just one, making up for the lack of physical depth in smartphone camera technology as compared to a DSLR.
  • In simple language, these multiple lenses give clearer, sharper images for your Instagram posts. However, Google is the only exception which still prefers advanced software image processing over multiple lens camera for its Pixel phones.
  1. Artificial Intelligence

  • This should not come as a surprise because Artificial Intelligence is already playing a significant role in smartphones like the iPhone and the Samsung Galaxy. The role of AI will only get bigger and bigger in 2019.
  • Most high-end smartphones have dedicated elements of artificial intelligence. Which means your smartphone is evolving as Siri, Google Assistant and the others continue to get smarter and it is able to handle tasks particularly suitable for machine learning, for example: being able to identify and distinguish a cat and a dog in a photo, or users voice from anyone else’s.

While there are some major hardware innovations expected in 2019, it won’t be surprising if there are breakthroughs in the software aspect as well. Smartphone users can definitely expect some major flagship smartphones by the biggies of the smartphone industry.

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