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What is an inverter AC and why is considered energy efficient?

By Finserv MARKETS - Apr 3,2019
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What is an inverter AC

An inverter AC regulates the temperature with changes to the speed of the compressor motor. It offers significant benefits to the consumer as it is an energy-efficient variant. The AC uses a variable speed compressor to save up to 50 percent more power than non-inverter units. But, how does this work? The AC runs at full capacity to achieve the required temperature and at part-load to maintain it.

How does the inverter technology work?

Here is a breakdown of the process in a few simple steps. First, the AC takes the indoor air and cools the same. Next, it passes it through an evaporator and releases the air into the room. In other AC variants, the opposite holds true with the AC taking in outside air and cooling it with the use of water to release it. The invertor can be compared to the accelerator in the car. The accelerator uses less or more power depending on the need and temperature of the incoming air. The same principle holds true for inverter technology. The compressor converts the input power to DC power to allow changes in the frequency of power input.

The inverter AC does not turn off the compressor or motor, but simply adapts to the load of the room. To ensure energy savings, the inverter AC uses a low voltage at the start to add less pressure to the power system or motors. Further, they save electricity while functioning at partial capacity.

Benefits of the inverter AC

Let us take an example to demonstrate the benefits of the inverter AC. An AC of 1.5 tonnes could initially run at 150 percent of its speed to cool the room and consequently reduce the speed to around 10 percent to maintain the temperature. This change in speed and tonnage leads to the first benefit mentioned below.

  • Energy savings: Your new air conditioner can help you save between 30 and 40 percent on electricity bills. As the compressor does not go off, the inverter AC saves energy and money. A traditional AC draws power each time the compressor starts and reduces energy savings. A three-star rated inverter AC is 7 percent more efficient than a non-inverter AC with the same rating.
  • Faster cooling: The speed of the compressors in the system fluctuates to deliver the required cooling comfort in a short period of time. The speed can vary between day and night, the load of the room, and the climate.
  • Silent operation: Once you set the temperature on the inverter AC, it operates without making a sound.
  • Voltage: The inverter AC ensures that there are no temperature fluctuations. There are no voltage peaks due to the working of the compressor.
  • Temperature: The home air conditioner can deliver cooling comfort faster as the unit adjusts its speed to maintain the desired temperature. The system assesses the temperature of the incoming air and regulates its speed accordingly.
  • Durability: Inverter ACs are more durable and can run smoothly over a long period of time as the thermostat setting does not fluctuate.

Source: BEE India

Evaluating the star rating for the inverter AC

In 2018, BEE merged the ratings for both inverter and non-inverter ACs. The BEE five-star rated models are considered to be the most energy-efficient products. However, a BEE three-star rated inverter AC consumes less energy and is more efficient as compared to a BEE five-star rated normal split AC.

The inverter technology offers important features and benefits to save on bills and power. It is good for the environment to the extent that some countries have phased out the non-inverter AC versions. Before making a decision on your new AC, you could sift through the detailed information available on portals such as Finserv Markets. The EMI store on Finserv Markets provides you with access to the latest inverter AC brands and models in the market with details on their star rating and benefits. With benefits such as EMIs with zero down payment, same-day delivery, and more, online portals offer you the flexibility and convenience you need to have a hassle-free shopping experience. It is important to check the label on your new inverter AC to verify its EER and star rating before purchasing the same. These ratings can help guide you in your decision to purchase the most energy-efficient products in the market.

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