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What is the Importance of Water Purification for Human Health?

By Finserv MARKETS - Sep 4,2019
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Importance of Water Purification to human health:

Water is the source of life. But when contaminated, it can prove to be harmful to health, and therefore the need for purification of drinking water becomes paramount. In a country like India, where water quality is fast declining, rampant pollution has compounded the problem by contaminating whatever is left for human consumption.

According to government estimates, water-borne diseases– cholera, diarrhoea, typhoid, and viral hepatitis caused 10,738 deaths between 2013 and 2017.

Diarrhoea was the leading killer, accounting for about 60% of deaths, taking 6,514 lives. Other prominent killers were viral hepatitis (2,143), typhoid (2,061) and cholera (20).

Uttar Pradesh recorded the most diarrhoea deaths – 22.21% of deaths nationwide – over five years until 2017 according to government data, followed by West Bengal (14.33%), Assam (12.03%), Odisha (10.63%) and Madhya Pradesh (7.24%). The importance of water treatment needs to be correctly understood to combat these crises.

Purpose of Water Purification

Water-borne diseases can be prevented with improved access to safe drinking water, which is the primary purpose of water purification. The number of households provided with “safe drinking water” in India increased from 62% in 1991 to 78% in 2001 and 86% (83% rural and 91% urban) in 2011.

However, it is essential to note here that the Census considers water supply from hand pumps and tubewells as safe as piped drinking water. That said, these are carriers of several water-borne diseases. With increasing pollutants, it is crucial to have an advanced water purifier system that can safeguard your family’s health. The next question, “Is Aquaguard water good for health?” is natural to ask, and the benefits of water purification cannot be understated.

A water purifier is no more a want but a need in every Indian household, both in the rural and urban milieu. Thanks to the Bajaj Finserv EMI Store, you can purchase the best water purifier under Rs. 10,000 for your household. You can pay back the amount in easy instalments without any hidden charges or conditions.

Health Benefits of Water Purification

In India, the Municipal tap water supply is not quite drinkable. Thus, you need to purify the water before it is fit for human consumption.

Here are the main health benefits of water purification:

  • Removes bacteria and other disease-causing microorganisms:

    Tap water usually contains  pathogens like bacteria, viruses and other parasites that cause diseases in human beings. These serious water-borne diseases include cholera, diarrhoea and typhoid. Using purified water will prevent you and your family from contracting these dangerous diseases and keep you healthy.

  • Removes heavy metals:

    Municipal water in most major Indian cities can contain traces of nitrates, heavy metals, and even pesticides. These contaminants can have a serious long-term bearing on your health and can damage vital organs such as your kidneys, liver, and nervous system. Water purification is the most effective way of removing traces of dangerous chemicals like iron, lead, mercury and arsenic from the water you consume.

  • Effective and safe:

    A good water purification system will remove the smallest quantities of harmful chemicals present in your drinking water. This means you can safely use the treated water for all your consumption and cooking needs.

  • Better health:

    Drinking purified water has been associated with several benefits, such as improved digestion, better kidney function, better looking skin and hair, and a general feeling of wellbeing. 

  • Improves the taste of water:

    Tap water usually smells and tastes weird depending on its contaminants. Impurities in the water determine its flavour and also influence the taste of food cooked with the water. The electric water purifier removes the extra salt and other chemicals that are responsible for changing the taste of tap water. The end result is a refreshing, odourless glass of H2O.

Now that you know the benefits and advantages of water purification check out the latest water purifiers under Rs.10,000 that provide you and your family with safe drinking water.

Latest Water Purifier Price List Under 10000

  1. Eureka Forbes 120 L Water Purifier White (SMART UV)

Doctors say that the benefits of water purification are many. With the Eureka Forbes 120L water purifier, you can ensure clean and safe drinking water at all times. In this model, the purification of drinking water is carried out through a three-layer filter system, incorporating superior UV purification technology.

  1. Zero B UV Grande 4 L water purifier

Looking for a water filter for drinking? One of the most popular options is the Zero B UV Grande 4 L water purifier with a six-stage purification process. Furthermore, the Zero B water purifier is an energy-efficient appliance that can cut your bills. As a wall-mounted purifier model, the Zero B UV Grande water purifier is also a user-friendly product.

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  1. Zero B Kitchenmate UV PRO Water purifier

One of the premium models is the Zero B UV Grande 4 L water purifier. The water purifier ensures that contaminated water is transformed to clean and safe drinking water with superior UV technology. Suppose you have a large family to take care of. In that case, the Zero B Kitchenmate water purifier can be a competent model, for its purification capacity is 2 litres per minute to give you instant drinking water. In other words, the model can live up to its purpose of water purification exceptionally well.

  1. Paramount Pure 15 LPH Water Purifier

With a 15 litre per hour water purification capacity, the Paramount Pure water purifier can give you clean water within a short period. You can access the ultimate benefits of water purification with the UV + Post Carbon filter process. Worried about the performance of your water filter? The model comes with a warranty of one year as well!

  1. Eureka Forbes Water Purifier White (Enhance UV)

The Eureka Forbes water purifier is a model that is packed with the latest features and ensures that clean, safe drinking water is made available to you. Its top features are a 7-litre capacity, UV + UF filter technology, and wall-mount capability.

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  1. Aquaguard No Storage Water Purifier

The days when toxic, contaminated water made its way into your tanks are over. Ever since people started realizing the importance of water purification, Aquaguard has become one of the most preferred models in the market. With a four-stage purification process and Crystal Plus UV filtering, you can have access to safe and clean water.


Drinking purified water is key to a healthy lifestyle for you and your loved ones. Sufficiently purified water removes contaminants and flushes out toxins while restoring the essential minerals your body needs, thus keeping you away from water-borne diseases. Buying a good RO water purifier for drinking is integral to the well-being of any family.

Moreover, financing a water purifier is now hassle-free, thanks to the Bajaj Finserv EMI Store. The EMI Store lets you choose from a wide array of the latest water purifiers under Rs. 10,000 without the entire burden of payment falling on you at once. Buy it today with  zero down payment and No Cost EMI offer to save you and your family from water-borne diseases tomorrow.

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