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What is the right temperature for each kind of alcohol?

By Finserv MARKETS - Oct 18,2019
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What is the right temperature for each kind of alcohol?

We often tend to store away an additional bottle of alcohol for a special occasion – an anniversary, or wanting to open the bottle with a special friend. Sometimes, we store away alcohol and completely forget about it, only to find it by accident sometime in the future. While the general misconception is that the alcohol can be consumed at anytime, and that the older the alcohol, the better it is, not all alcoholic beverages last for a long time. While some of them can stay good for quite a while, others have a complicated shelf life.

To ensure that you keep your spirits around for longer periods, you must take proper precautions, and consider the right fridge temperatures for their storage.

Let’s take a look at what is the normal refrigerator temperature for different kinds of drinks:

  1. Distilled Spirits

The usual distilled spirits such as vodka, whiskey, rum and tequila can be stored at room temperature. Ideally, experts recommend storing them at slightly below room temperature, which is around 22 – 23 degrees Celsius. Storing these distilled spirits in a moderately cool place preserves them for longer periods. Furthermore, as refrigerator temperatures begin to increase, the alcohol starts to expand, resulting in them evaporating rather quickly. Hence, storing these distilled spirits in a warm place can lead to the liquor getting oxidized faster, resulting in changing flavours as time progresses. While this isn’t harmful to your health, it is always wise to store distilled spirits at room temperature, or by storing them inside your latest refrigerator.

  1. Beer

All of us like to unwind after a long day with a chilled beer. In fact, many cultures from different parts of the world have their own festivities, centered around drinking beer with friends. The light, low-alcohol beers are best served chilled, and are stored in temperatures below four degrees Celsius. The light lagers on the other hand, can be stored in temperatures between four and eight degrees Celsius.

To thoroughly enjoy Pale Ales, the beer serving temperature should be between eight to ten degrees. However, the more rich styles of beer are to be stored at higher temperatures to truly experience, and enjoy their flavours. This is due to the fact that the stronger the beer, the more intricate the flavours, which might get masked in case the beer is too cold. Saying that, chilled beer would also rejuvenate you after a hard day’s work.

  1. Wine

Wine is considered by many to be the more sophisticated alcoholic beverage. While we might have seen people store away their wine bottles in a cupboard, understanding the ideal temperatures for wines is a little more complex. Most varieties of white wines are to be stored in the freezer, while there are different flavours of white wines, which require special attention. For instance, the sparking and relatively sweeter wines are to be stored in the freezer in very cold temperatures, anywhere between one to six degrees Celsius. However, the drier wines should be stored in slightly higher temperatures, at around twelve degrees. Thus, be it red wine serving temperature or white wine serving temperature, you can keep the sweeter wines colder, while keeping the dry wines in the fridge only a few hours before being served.

However, fortified wines, such as vermouth and port, along with cream-based liqueurs are to be kept cold at all times.

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