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What will a refrigerator in 2030 look like?

By Finserv MARKETS - May 7,2019
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what will a refrigerator in 2030 look like

The refrigerator is arguably the most important appliance in a modern day home. From keeping your beverages and food fresh, thus keeping you safe from bacteria to ensure that you can always fall back on cold water during summers, refrigerators — and refrigeration — play a pivotal role in our day-to-day lives. With the advancement of technology, however, within the next decade, the role of a refrigerator, and the way they are designed will be significantly altered. We take a peek into the future and show you how a refrigerator could look like in 2030.

It is difficult to forecast the future or to accurately estimate how technological advancements can bring about an evolution in the equipment we use every day. However, by analysing the past and present trends, along with the existing work on emerging technologies, it is plausible to speculate the scientific and technological developments with a certain degree of accuracy.

Refrigerators have long solved our problems, whether it pertains to protecting the nutrients of our food, or to ensure that they remain edible for longer periods. At every juncture, technology has made it easier for us to depend on appliances, and in the next decade, the refrigerators of today will be replaced with ones working on advanced technology, seemingly out of the realm of science fiction.

While industry leaders such as LG continue to improve the existing models, such as the LG Refrigerator Single Door 190 Ltrs unit, the future refrigerators could look very different from the existing models. Here is how a refrigerator can look like, in 2030!

Emphasis on Bio Refrigerator

As we become more environment-friendly, we tend to think about technologies that not only consume less energy but are also eco-friendly. One such design, that can revolutionise the ubiquitous refrigerator was unveiled by a Russian designer, whose design was selected as a finalist in the Electrolux Design Lab competition, which pushes the entrants to come up with designs for modern appliances for the future.

The gel-filled appliance, known as the “Bio-Robot Refrigerator”, suspends and cools food through a gel-like substance. Furthermore, with its ability to mount on a wall — either horizontally, vertically or on the ceiling — the Bio-Robot Refrigerator is truly futuristic design. All the customers have to do is stick food products into the biopolymer gel, where they are suspended and cooled.

In terms of energy consumption, the refrigerator also uses zero energy for cooling purposes. Except for a small amount of power needed for its control pad, this futuristic appliance doesn’t consume power, thereby going easy on the utility bills.

The Fridge of the Future 

Another refrigerator that could soon replace the existing models is dubbed “The Fridge of the Future”. The researchers at the University of Central Lancashire started developing a refrigerator, that comes with the grocery delivery service Ocado. The speciality of this ultra-modern design is the fact that it can count calories, and help you by keeping an inventory of your food, or even come up with recipes!

What that would mean, is that the refrigerator will come with the technology to scan its contents, or suggest recipes based on the food products contained within it, or even order groceries automatically. Furthermore, the appliance is also being designed such that it could clean itself, moves the products inside the refrigerator, and even lets you know when the food is going bad!

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LG 190 L 4-star Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator (GL-201APZX)

The new LG Refrigerator 190 Ltr uses smart inverter compressor, designed using advanced technology to make the compressor more energy efficient. Integrated with smart connect technology, this refrigerator provides innovative features in the LG Direct Cool range. Furthermore, its lattice-type box cover maintains the moisture at optimum levels, while the shelves are made of toughened glass, making the appliance more durable. The 4-star rating ensures that the refrigerator consumes less power, while the LG refrigerator provides a glimpse into the future, with its futuristic design, combined with state-of-the-art technology.

The refrigerators in the future will be considerably more efficient and will be ergonomically designed. With the greater emphasis now also being put on eco-friendly appliances, the refrigerators of the future will be designed, such that they consume less energy, while being environmentally friendly. Furthermore, with technological advancements now taking place rapidly, over the next decade, the role of a refrigerator, at least in the conventional sense, will be significantly altered.

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