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What's the hype about the new pop-up camera?

By Finserv MARKETS - Oct 18,2019
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What's the hype about the new pop-up camera?

Before we get into what a pop-up camera is and why is it a rage these days we must know two other terms. Bezel and Notch. The bezel is that space bordered around your smartphone screen where the camera, phone sensor, home button, etc. are located. A notch is that small space on the screen where the camera, sensor and the phone speaker is located like the one in the iPhone X. These days in the race of bigger bezel-less screens, phone companies have been continuously innovating their smartphones and some go a ‘notch’ further and remove the notch altogether. One may wonder if the phone has a bezel-less screen, where does the camera go? How does it work? Say hello to the pop-up camera.

Read on to know all about pop-up cameras in smartphones:

  • The built-in camera in electronic devices like laptops and smartphones that come out only when the user chooses for them to come out. A good example of it would be Chinese smartphone manufacturer Vivo, which launched the world’s first smartphone with a pop-up camera.
  • This pop-up camera mobile phone was launched in mid-2018 and has created quite a stir in the smartphone market since then. So much so even big guns like Samsung has followed the pop-up camera route in their Galaxy A80.
  • In the absence of a notch and to be able to provide a bezel-less screen, front camera, have to be put somewhere else. And we must say, this innovation is quite funky. Afterall who does not like some pop and show.
  • The pop-up camera or a slider front camera not only allows for an undisturbed full-screen view, but it also looks cool. Not to forget about the security as well. Standard smartphone cameras can be hacked to spy on others.
  • The introduction of pop up cameras in smartphones means that smartphone manufacturers do recognize a few serious issues with how the front cameras are currently placed and integrated into their products.
  • Standard cameras require bigger screen bezel and therefore are a security hazard. It is safe to say that pop up cameras are intended to tackle both of these concerns.
  • Logically that coolness is quite elusive for the hefty price you pay for these pop-up camera phones. Be mindful of the fact that it is going to accumulate dirt and dust particles as the camera is outer hardware which is susceptible to damage.
  • The slider of the popup camera can easily wear out too soon for a person who takes a lot of selfies. Also, it’s practically difficult to find phone covers to suit this design of popup camera phones.

Pros and Cons of pop-up camera phones:

  • All innovations have their pros and cons. The number one advantage of popup camera mobile phone is the bezel-less screen, allowing a better experience of full screen viewing for those video calls and watching movies and even for those full-length still images.
  • But the number one con is the fragility of the camera. Being on the outside of the phone attached with a mechanical slider, it surely has higher chances of damage, so you will have to be extra careful when you are carrying it with you.
  • Having said that, a lot of other smartphone manufacturers have already jumped onto the popup camera bandwagon including the biggies like Samsung, so better technology with greater safety benefits can be expected in the near future.
  • Naturally, these phones are likely to be a lot expensive, though with platforms like Bajaj Finserv to assist you with easy EMIs, budget would not be a deterrent.

It is too early to conclude whether pop up cameras will become the future of camera design or not. However, they do fulfill the real need for better security and a better screen. However, the current designs present in the market are not the best idea, but from the way the smartphone markets are progressing, it appears that pop up cameras are going to influence future camera design and technologies. After all, it is only fair to expect and speculate that smartphone manufacturers will continue to experiment and innovate.

Even if the pop-up cameras do become the future of camera design, this trend will take some time to catch on. However, pop-up cameras being the new, cool trend in the latest of smartphones, more and more smartphones in the future are expected with better smarter designs. It is true that these phones are so much more expensive, but with easy financing options through the likes of Bajaj Finserv, budgets will never come in the way of you acquiring some of the best phones with pop-up cameras.

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