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When should you choose an air cooler over an AC?

By Finserv MARKETS - May 7,2019
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when should you choose an air cooler over an AC

With temperatures soaring this summer, customers are left scrambling to decide which is better — an air cooler, or an air conditioner. While both the appliances provide relief through cool air inside the room, there are a few subtle differences, that dictate the conditions of their usage and application.

Operation of an Air Cooler

Air coolers, also known as evaporative coolers, swamp coolers or desert coolers, differ from the conventional air conditioning systems based on their working principle. An air cooling system works on the principle of evaporative cooling; that is, the hot air from the outside is initially run through wet filter pads, thus lowering the air temperature. While the moisture content in the resultant air is increased, the cool air provides relief to the customers.

The cooling medium can differ between various air coolers. For instance, modern evaporative coolers use wet filter pads or cellulose cooling pads, while the more traditional air coolers use wood scraps as the cooling medium. With water evaporating after coming into contact with the hot air, the resultant cool air is distributed inside the room using a fan.

How Air Conditioners Operate

Air conditioners, on the other hand, use chemicals to cool the air. The refrigerant liquid, under pressure, is initially passed through an expansion device. This results in a drop in pressure, causing the liquid to evaporate. This process takes place in the air conditioner’s evaporator coil, resulting in the gas absorbing the heat, thus cooling the air inside the room. The resultant gas that is heated is further compressed, and passed through the condenser coil of the air conditioning system, resulting in the liquefaction of the gas, thus releasing heat into the air outside the room.

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When Should You Choose an Air Cooler Over an AC?

Air coolers are relatively cheaper than conventional air conditioners, and also consume less energy. Traditional air coolers have a power rating between 100-400 watts, while air conditioners generally have a power rating greater than 1000 watts, with an average central air conditioning system using anywhere between 3000-5000 watts.

Choosing Symphony Touch 35L Air Cooler (White)

The Symphony Touch 35L Air Cooler comes equipped with a touch screen panel, a voice assist, and a mosquito repellent, and has honeycomb cooling pads and a powerful blower. Furthermore, its water tank is detachable, and its remote comes with a 7-hour timer.

The Symphony Touch air coolers work best in places with less humidity. Considering coolers increase the moisture content in the air, they should be used in places which are relatively less humid. Air conditioners, on the other hand, dehumidify the room and can operate in any condition. Furthermore, air coolers also work better when the air flow is high inside the room. Considering the fan inside the cooler spreads the cool air, it can be best felt when you are near the cooler. Air conditioner, on the other hand, requires an enclosed space, such as a closed room.

The quality of air is better while using the Symphony Touch air coolers. Considering fresh air is pulled from outside for the operation, the air isn’t overly dry, and the quality of air is, therefore, better, as compared to air conditioners. Therefore, customers with asthma or dust allergy should prefer air coolers over conventional air conditioners.

The other advantage of buying an air cooler lies in its portability. Air conditioners, however, aren’t portable and are usually fixed in a room.

Differences Between an Air Cooler And an Air Conditioner

Evaporative Air Cooler Traditional Air Conditioner
Economical to operate Requires higher cost to operate
Natural, clean air Recirculated air
Quiet Operation Few ACs remain noisy during operation
Adds to the moisture in the air Dehumidifies the air (removes moisture)
Works best in hot and dry climates Can be used in any climate
Requires windows and doors to be open for effective performance Works in closed spaces
Low installation costs Higher installation costs
Less maintenance required Requires to be cleaned regularly
Environmentally friendly Damages the ozone layer



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