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Which iPhone has better camera - IPhone XR or IPhone XS?

By Finserv MARKETS - Aug 30,2019
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Apple has already set benchmarks with its trademark devices that any other smartphone manufacturer can scarcely dream of breaching. With its top-of-the-line specifications and design, Apple’s iPhones are a marvel to not only behold but also in terms of usage.

Each time Apple users think they have bought the best iPhone available in the market, the company inevitably does something gloriously unique. And with the latest X series, Apple has done it once again.

This time, with integration of the new Apple A12 Bionic chip, the smartphone maker has revolutionised how pictures are taken. For the selfie obsessed millennial generation, the X series smartphones are a dream neatly packaged in an elegant body with a glass backing.

With price no longer a constraint through benefits such as zero downpayment on the Bajaj Finserv EMI Store it is essential for consumers to evaluate their requirements more carefully before settling on which is the best best iPhone.

Let us look at the differences in the two phones:

1. Iphone XR VS XS Camera:

The Apple iPhone X series has added a Smart HDR feature on its phone, which essentially leverages the A12 bionic processor for achieving excellence. From seconds before to seconds after the shutter is clicked, the camera takes a variety of pictures at numerous speeds and exposures. The best of each of these photographs is then stitched together and composed into a well-balanced photo. All of these capabilities now allow the iPhone XS camera and the iPhone XR camera to handle high-contrast scenarios, such as bright skies and a dark foreground, all much better than ever before.

2. Iphone XR Vs XS Camera Comparison:

  • Comparing the iPhone XS vs XR camera makes it evident as to why the iPhone XR is considerably cheaper than the iPhone XS.
  • Looking at the pictures on the phone screen itself can be misleading, since both phones are using different screen technologies which definitely make the pictures taken on them look better.
  • However, even when you look at the pictures taken on both smartphones on a computer screen or elsewhere, differences will still be hard to spot when we compare iPhone XS camera vs iPhone XR camera.
  • While the iPhone XR has only one camera where the iPhone XS has two, the primary camera of the iPhone XS is still the same as the iPhone XR.
  • The majority of the pictures taken on iPhone XS will be through its 12 megapixel wide angle lens, equipped with an aperture of f/1.8 and optical image stabilization – which is exactly the camera available on the iPhone XR too.
  • Owing to both phones having the same image sensors, identical software for processing and the same Smart HDR feature, it’s often difficult to distinguish pictures taken on the iPhone XR or XS camera.
  • This is true for selfies taken with these phones as well, since both smartphones utilise a 7 megapixel front-facing camera with the ability to perceive depth. Named the ‘TrueDepth’ camera, Apple utilises this feature to enable the FaceID unlock feature.
  • The difference between the iPhone XR camera and the iPhone XS camera become apparent upon utilising the zoom feature.
  • While the iPhone XS uses its second, telephoto lens as an optical 2x zoom before switching to digital zoom, the iPhone XR camera uses only digital zoom.
  • Since the iPhone XR relies on software to zoom in, rather than an optical lens that can capture higher quality negatively; its magnification is considerably less powerful than the iPhone XS.
  • A user gets restricted to 5x zoom in total, whereas with the iPhone XS, the user can go up till 10x through a combination of optical and digital zoom.
  • All this becomes forgivable when you remember that the iPhone XR is considerably cheaper than the iPhone XS.
  • While comparing between the iPhone XR camera and the iPhone XS camera, it is important to note how their portrait modes differ. Though images taken on both might look the same, but if you have a keen eye for detail, the difference is evident.
  • The iPhone XS uses its second telephoto lens to capture the subject, and uses information from both the wide-angle and telephoto lens, combined with software, to differentiate between what is to be kept in focus and what is to be blurred out. However, with the iPhone XR camera, which only has one single wide-angle lens, you are completely reliant on the software to differentiate between foreground and background.

3. Iphone XS VS Iphone XR camera: The Verdict

If you are looking to buy iPhone, based on the camera specifications, the iPhone XS is your best bet. It offers enhanced clarity, which is a considerable improvement over the iPhone XR. iPhone XS & XR are both iPhone dual SIM mobile.

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