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Which Is A Better Option: Ceiling Fans Or Air Coolers?

By Finserv MARKETS - Jan 18,2022
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Ceiling fans or Air coolers

In the smouldering heat of Indian summers, fans and coolers are the sole reprieves we can rely on to make our days a little more bearable. The rising temperatures in the country during those long summer months make it impossible to survive without investing in an ace cooling ceiling fan or an air cooler. The widespread demand for these appliances makes cooler fan prices in India relatively cost-effective. Each has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. While electric fan power consumption levels may be lower than those of an air cooler, the latter may be more effective in terms of equalizing the temperature of your room. If you’ve been confused about investing in one of these two heat relieving options, we suggest you go through the following comprehensive guide to understand which one you should choose to best fulfil your needs.

What is an Air Cooler?

Air coolers help reduce the temperature of your room by utilizing the principle of evaporative cooling. This evaporation occurs when hot air passes through the wet medium of an air cooler. While it passes through the air cooler, the air temperature is drastically reduced. This implies that an air cooler emits cooler air rather than just circulating the same air around the room. Thus, opting for an air cooler for your room can be a prudent choice for those looking for more effective cooling.

What is a Ceiling Fan?

We are all quite familiar with the functional parameters of a ceiling fan. The blades of a ceiling fan help circulate the air around the user to hasten the evaporation process and bring the average temperature of the room down by a couple of degrees. By rapidly circulating the air in the room, a fan accelerates the process of evaporation. Fit for use throughout the year, the limited power consumption of a ceiling fan makes it the go-to cooling option for most Indian households. Available in various colour options, designs and styles, a ceiling fan can be just the right aesthetic fit for your living room or bedroom.

Which Fan to Choose: Ceiling Fan vs Air Coolers

Feature Ceiling Fan Air Coolers
Effectiveness and Performance Less effective in reducing the overall temperature of your room Can radically reduce the temperature of your room
Power consumption levels Less than air coolers More than ceiling fans
Circulation of air Low High
Cooler fan price Cost-effective Can be pricey
Suitability All year long Mostly summers


Since we know choosing an air cooling partner can be a difficult task, we’ve formulated a comprehensive cheat sheet to help you through this process. When deciding between a ceiling fan and an air cooler, you must consider the following parameters.

  1. Effectiveness – A ceiling fan is less effective than an air cooler. While you can pair an AC with a ceiling fan to enhance its cooling capacity, an air cooler remains more effective in its cooling performance.
  2. Power Consumption Levels – Ceiling fan wattage in India per hour of use is quite low. This makes ceiling fans a more preferred option for Indian customers as compared to air coolers. Air coolers are an excellent middle ground between ceiling fans and ACs. While they may consume more power, they perform better than ceiling fans when it comes to rapid cooling action.
  3. Circulation of Air – Air coolers have an enhanced air circulation capacity compared to ceiling fans. If you wish to install a rapid air cooler for a spacious room, we suggest opting for an air cooler that has the power to boost airflow speeds to ensure a uniform distribution of cool air in your room.
  4. Price Air cooler prices tend to be higher than regular ceiling fans. If you’re looking for a budget cooling fan for your home, opt for a ceiling fan instead of an air cooler. However, spending a few extra bucks can let you enjoy better price-to-performance benefits.
  5. Suitability – While a ceiling fan is an apt cooling companion for all seasons, an air cooler does have a more restricted usage window. The rapid cooling function of an air cooler makes it best suited for those unmanageably hot sultry summer days.


While air coolers tend to be more effective cooling agents, a ceiling fan is a more lucrative option, given the cost-effective pricing of most ceiling fans. However, the final choice between the two will hinge on your specific needs and budgetary parameters. The answer to the question ‘which is the best ceiling fan?’ or ‘which air cooler is the best?’ will depend on your cooling requirements, the brand you select, and the price you’re willing to pay for the model. The good news is that at the Bajaj Finserv EMI Store, you get to choose from big brands and models. Thus, you’re sure to find the perfect air cooler or ceiling fan for your home when shopping at the EMI Store. Additionally, you can avail of lucrative discounts, deals and zero down payment offers that make such purchases affordable.


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