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Which Samsung model between the S10, S10e and S10+ is right for you?

By Finserv MARKETS - Sep 3,2019
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It’s that time of the year again.

To commemorate Samsung Galaxy’s 10th anniversary this summer, the Asian smartphone giant has dropped not one, not two, but three of its flagship Galaxy S series smartphones with a fourth model – S10 5G – due in a few months.

Samsung S10, S10E and s10+ have all garnered pretty impressive reviews so far, but they have also put brand loyalists in a spot because of their many similarities. Here we debunk the features of each new model to see which is the best Samsung S10 phone in the market right now, and which one is the right fit for you. So now for the loyalists the real question is S10 vs S10e vs S10 plus – which one to buy?

Barring the minutiae, here are some of the specs you will definitely get

Fundamentally, when we compare Samsung S10, S10e & S10 plus, all three phones are quite similar to each other. They have in common a Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 processor, base storage of 128GB (with expandable microSD storage), and a dynamic AMOLED display with HDR10+ wide colour gamut. They each run on the Android 9 Pie OS and have at least two cameras (12- and 16-megapixel).

Samsung also gives all of them its Pro Assist AI-based scene recognition for stills and a ‘super steady’ mode to stabilise videos shot with the ultra wide camera (with 123-degree field of view).

The devices are also compatible with the new and faster Wi-Fi 6, and support wireless PowerShare and fast wireless charging, besides being water resistant.

Spotting what is the difference between S10, S10e and s10 plus

The dissimilarities are self-evident to keen observers and tech critics, giving each phone its unique utilitarian value depending on your priorities.

Most reviews of S10 vs S10e vs S10 plus seem to be in agreement that the smaller S10E is a step in the right direction if you’re intent on upgrading to a new S10 model but don’t want to spend more than Rs 60,000 ($750). Not only defying the popular narrative ‘bigger is better’, Samsung S10E features enable you to enjoy a seamless smartphone experience without having sacrificed any of the crucial improvements and hardware upgrades.

That said, Samsung S10 Plus features have also won a lot of hearts, offering the biggest screen and the absolute best specifications that a Samsung phone has offered till date. But it also means you have to shell out an extra $1,000 (S10 Plus costs $999.99, roughly Rs 69,000), which is where the ‘middle child’ Samsung Galaxy S10 (priced at $899.99, roughly Rs 62,000) comes into play.

The canonical S10 is significantly better than last year’s S9 which means you get a better battery life and the latest upgrades. It comes with nearly the same specs as its plus size neighbour. And yet, despite being almost as excellent as the S10 Plus, the model is not quite there.

Let’s look at a few of Samsung S10 features in detail and comparison to its fellow S10 newbies.

  1. Samsung Galaxy S10 – A safe but not the best bet

Equipped with all of Samsung’s latest tech – starting from the Snapdragon 855 processor and the company’s best OLED panel, to three rear cameras and an ultrasonic fingerprint sensor, the standard Samsung S10 is a robust, compromise-free purchase.

Even though the screen is smaller than S10+ (at 6.1 inch, it is roughly 4mm narrower and 8mm shorter), the resolution and quality of graphics is surprisingly high, which is not something you can say for S10E.

I believe the trio of cameras is an MVP; packing a pocket device with a 12MP (variable F/1.5-2.4, OIS, auto focus) wide angle lens, 16MP (F/2.2, fixed focus) ultra wide lens, 12MP (F/2.4) telephoto/portrait lens, Samsung is essentially handing you a professional toolkit. So you know which phone you want if you like cherishing precious moments on the fly.

  1. Samsung Galaxy S10E – Best size, better value

Punching way above its size and weight, S10E has impressed users with its pithy and functional hardware, combined with largely uncompromising specs. While critics have complained about its screen layout (a flat Full HD display instead of a curved Quad HD) and battery life (which is poorer compared to S10 and S10+), the model comes with a better fingerprint sensor (a capacitive one built into the power button on the side) than its taller peers.

Most importantly, the S10E measures just 1mm narrower than the S10, but it’s 7.7 mm shorter (5.8 inch screen, which I believe worked the best most among Samsung’s S8 and S9 series). It is also a more affordable alternative to S10, especially for users who don’t have much use for three cameras or a bigger screen. The E in its name, which officially stands for Essential, could thus easily translate to Ergonomic or Economical.

Pick it for best value and better colour options, although be warned: Niche features like Bright Night and wide angle selfie may not as good as its competitor Google Pixel’s. Besides, the base model has slightly less RAM (6GB), but you can get 8GB if you choose the model with 256GB of storage.

  1. Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus– Oversized and over-packed with specs

The unique distinguishing feature of Samsung S10+ is its size, which stands at a whopping 6.4 inch curved display and battery life (4,100mAh battery) which is even higher than Note 9’s.

It’s also got more storage and RAM, and expandable to up to 1 TB of storage, making this a handset for the spec-heads. Billed as the anti-iPhone, the model, however, offers little else and not enough novelty. In fact, it is too much like like S10 to be worth $1,000 more. Like S10, it’s got a high-resolution, extremely bright OLED panel with excellent viewing angles and rich, vibrant colors.

So if you’re buying S10+, know you’re getting into it for the size, not only of the phone but also its storage and battery.

All three models are now available with your nearest electronic retailer, or at the Bajaj Finserv EMI Store. Samsung phones tend to go on sale pretty quickly after new Galaxies are announced as well, so you’ll probably find the S10, S10E and S10 Plus on discount or at lucrative EMI rates very soon.


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