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Why are Hitachi ACs expensive?

By Finserv MARKETS - Aug 31,2019
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Hitachi products are known for being comparatively more expensive as compared to other brands and the same applies to their ACs. Most of us would wonder why Hitachi ACs are expensive when compared to other brands. In this article, we’ve listed some of the factors that give Hitachi ACs an edge, and which explain why they are priced accordingly.

  1. Environment-friendly

Refrigerants are one of the main reasons for the depletion of the ozone layer. Considering this, Hitachi ACs use R-410, a hydrofluorocarbon that significantly reduces the carbon footprint of the AC. Better heat exchange rate of these refrigerants leads to a much faster cooling rate than other traditional refrigerants used.

  1. Expandable Inverter Technology

Hitachi as a company is known for its conscious efforts to do their part and reduce the damage caused to the environment. To fulfill this requirement they came up with an expandable inverter technology in their Air Conditioners which are designed considering the tropical weather in India. It means that Hitachi ACs are efficient enough to control both heat and humidity providing 10% better cooling and humidity control while also providing 20% better and overall faster cooling than other brands.

  1. Surround Air

All Hitachi split ACs are devised with wide angle movement and surround air function. This means, as compared to an ordinary AC which swings only in two directions, Hitachi ACs swing in all four directions maintaining uniform cooling through the room.

  1. Metal

A Hitachi AC is equipped with stainless steel coated filters and copper tubes with 100% copper wires. This translates into lesser risk of electric shock. Moreover it’s easy to clean the filters which ensures fewer bacteria while providing optimum cooling in a lower amount of time.

  1. Quality Tests

Hitachi puts all of their AC to 43 different quality tests before clearing them for sale. As a manufacturer, this process is tedious and is in place only to make sure there are absolutely no defects when they reach the final consumer. This inevitably ensures lesser to none post sale malfunctions.

We know buying an AC can be a tough choice so we compared Hitachi 2 Ton AC (RAU524ITD) with LG L-Nova Plus LSA6NP2A 2 Ton 2 Star Split AC and Voltas Classic 243CYi 2 Ton Split AC. Upon comparison of a 2 ton Hitachi AC, with similar alternatives from Voltas and LG (all split type 2 ton AC) you will see that the main difference is the surround-air feature which is exclusive to Hitachi ACs. The Hitachi AC is also fitted with an anti-fungus Koukin Filter while the other two alternatives have dust filters only. Noise levels are also lowest in the 2 ton Hitachi AC. Other distinguishing features of the Hitachi AC is an indicator to track the cleaning of filters which is missing in the LG and Voltas ACs. Most importantly, you will not require a stabilizer with most Hitachi ACs as they are designed to manage voltage fluctuations and function properly even in low voltage situations.

A long list of features and technologies like these definitely makes Hitachi a highly reliable brand. Latest Hitachi ACs are not only efficient but come with patented technologies like iSee which adjusts cooling through its 4-way swing blade depending on the number of people and activity in the room. High quality metal like copper and stainless steel used in the construction of a unit improves the durability and overall life of the unit.

Tropical inverter technology is another commendable feature thanks to which Hitachi ACs have the capacity to operate in extreme temperatures of up to 55 degrees. Hitachi is known for its quality and quality comes for a price. All the innovation and R&D the company invests in to make their products better for their consumers in terms of being environment and energy conscious, durability and service, is certainly worth investing in. Naturally, Hitachi products may have a high one-time cost but overall are the safer and cheaper option to use. And if you are looking to buy a Hitachi AC for your home, but are worried about the budget, easy finance options from the Bajaj Finserv EMI Store are available to make your life easier.

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