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Why is iPhone XS more expensive than XR?

By Finserv MARKETS - Sep 3,2019
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What makes iPhones so popular?

Whatever be the choice of your OS, you must have realised by now that the iOS vs Android debacle is pretty big one in some corners of the internet. Each side thinks that the other side has taken the wrong decision. Petty arguments aside, there are a few good reasons to consider each of the two mobile operating systems. Given that the iPhone has the functionality of a mobile phone, gaming console, portable media player and handheld computer in a single device, it is very popular among several consumers. Data from 2019 suggests that the US is home to around 266 million smartphone users and out of those smartphone consumers, over 45% are iPhone users.


Source: Apple iPhone sales 2018 | Statista


One of the advantages that Apple had while designing the iPhone was the fact that it had full control over the hardware and software, allowing both to operate in synergy. One can still relate to its display at the time of its release, the iPhone’s physical display differed significantly from any other smartphone in the market. The front has a single physical button displaying the device’s main menu and the rest of the device has a large touch-sensitive screen that allows users to access all the functions. These striking features of an iPhone led other manufacturers to design phones with similar interfaces. In the same light, Apple had filed a lawsuit against Samsung for allegedly copying its products.

Since its inception, Apple has followed a one-phone-per-year policy in case of manufacturing of iPhones but recently the company has shifted its course, which has made phone selection a task. Naturally when it comes to buying a phone, customers take into account several factors like performance, affordability, battery life, camera quality and others. With the best specifications, iPhone XS price is prohibitively high. Apple’s newest lines of iPhones-the iPhone XR, iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max-all cost as much as $1,449 for the most expensive model. With a refined processor and a better camera, its performance gives popular Android phones a run for money. Other than the fact that the excruciating iPhone XS price burns a hole in your pocket, you may still buy iPhone XS its stylish design, incredible build quality, wireless charging, closest phone to being bezel less, natural gesture controls, sharp cameras, fast A12 Bionic chip and full and balanced speakers.



Why is there so much cost difference between Phone XS and iPhone XR?

Even though you can take some decent photos using the portrait mode (known as the bokeh effect) which puts the main subject in sharp focus by gently blurring the background, it must be made clear that the iPhone XR’s single-lens camera is less capable compared to the dual-lens cameras on the XS. Also, the XR is not as durable as the XS models. All these may influence the iPhone XS price.

Now let’s compare both.

  1. Display:

The iPhone XR’s display is a compromise Apple made to save cost, the 6.1-inch ‘IPS’ LCD screen, manages the same 19.5:9 ratio but has a lower 828 x 1792 pixel resolution. Apple has developed a distinct kind of LCD to improve colour accuracy and squeeze the screen of the XR into the corners of the phone, also known as Liquid Retina display. There is a huge difference between both.

Let’s say when you look at a picture taken in the dark, you will notice that the blacks on the screen of the iPhone XR have a tinge of faint blue glow coming from the backlight used to illuminate the screen, whereas the blacks on the XS appears more realistic and darker due to the OLED technology, which turns off individual pixels to make them black. If you look into a photo showing a variety of fruits in colourful baskets, the reds and cyans will look more accurate on the iPhone XS than on the XR. This makes a huge difference if you consider to buy iPhone XS.

  1. Camera:

Buy iPhone XS is capable of taking DSLR-like portrait mode shots which is not the case with the XR which lacks a second lens. The two lenses create a depth-of-field effect that keeps the main subject in sharp focus while blurring the background. On the other hand, Apple decided to limit its machine assisted image processing on iPhone XRs specifically to human objects. On the contrary, the second lens on the XS helped the device to take portrait shots of a wider variety of subjects like objects or pets.


Source: Apple


  1. Battery, thickness and colours:

The iPhone XR lacks 3D Touch, which is not a significant omission. The body of the XR is half a millimeter thicker than the XS models because the former had to make room for the backlighting used to illuminate its LCD.

  1. Storage:

The XS and XS Max are available in 64GB, 256GB and 512GB variants, while the iPhone XR is available in 64GB, 128GB and 256GB options. Also, the RAM inside iPhone XS and XS Max is 4GB and the iPhone XR packs 3GB RAM. This affects iPhone XS price.

Other than these, it is great to see Apple keep few features similar across all phones-glass rears, support for Qi wireless charging and water-resistance ratings-even if the XS does have the slightly higher IP68, as opposed IP67, rating, this means it can be submerged for a little longer.



Apple iPhone XS in India starts from 94,000 and goes 1 lakh and more depending on the model. XS Max price in India starts at Rs. 109,900 for 64GB, 256GB is priced at
Rs. 1,24,900, and 512GB is Rs. 1,44,900. With the prices of iPhones inching towards
Rs. 1 lakh mark, the number of buyers is sharply coming down. According to reports, iPhone shipments have gone down by 42% in Jan-Mar quarter compared to last year.



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