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7 Gifts to Buy Online for Your Children to Help them Make the Most of Their Childhood

By Bajaj Markets - Nov 12,2020
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7 Gifts to Buy Online for Your Children to Help them Make the Most of Their Childhood

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Children’s day is one of the few days during the year, apart from their birthday and certain festivals like diwali or christmas, that children get gifts of their choice. So chances are, your child already has a list of demands ready and waiting. However, if you are looking to get your child something that will move beyond simple indulgence and get them something that will help them make the most of their childhood, this article is just for you. From Amazon children’s day offers to no cost emi options, this article will provide the ultimate children’s day gift breakdown.

  • Laptop

Most households experience a progression in electronics that a child witnesses. From a tablet, to a phone and then perhaps a laptop for college, it is evident a child requires the foldable piece of technology in the near future; so why wait.

There are a number of children’s day offers available on a multitude of websites hosting children’s day sales, including the amazon children’s day offers that can help you purchase your child a portal into curiosity. We are aware that laptops are a significant expenditure, and that’s where the Bajaj finserv emi network card comes in. With a pre approved loan of upto 4 lakhs, you can now easily convert your laptop shopping into EMI installments.

  • A subscription to online learning portals

A subscription to coursera, Skill Share or similar online learning portals, will not only allow your child to explore any topic they so choose to, but will also be the perfect pairing for a laptop, as they can start learning right away. With many online education sites running children’s day offers, there is no better chance to purchase a subscription. The best part? You can use it to learn too, and perhaps even learn a new subject or skill with your child!

  • A pair of great headphones

Given the diwali sales going on, this is the perfect time to pick up a pair of great headphones for your kid. Be it bluetooth or a traditional pair, every kid dreams of a pair of headphones that they can use to just tune out, or use to better listen to their online classes. You can sell it to them however you want, but you can be sure that your kid will love you for getting them.

  • Travel supplies

If you have a slightly older kid, maybe one heading off to college soon, Travel supplies are a great gift. Every kid goes through a phase wherein they are bitten by the travel bug and an all weather rucksack, sleeping bag and survival kit is your child know that you support them and trust them to go off be a responsible adult. 

  • A watch

Watches are arguably one of the few objects that are attractive to all age grourwon up seeips, especially if you’re getting them a watch that is designed to last. There is something about a good old-fashioned watch that marks a child’s transition towards adulthood and is an important thing for them to have on them at all times. They have likely grown up seeing you wear watches, and so getting one of their own will always mean a lot. It’s truly a timeless gift. 

  • A bookshelf

In a world gone virtual, a book is a way to let your child explore their imagination in the old-fashioned way. But while these are still fairly traditional gifts, getting them a lovely bookshelf in which they can display their collection of books and truly take ownership of their reading journey is always a great way to continue to support their reading habits.

  • A gaming console

While many believe that video-games aren’t good for children, it’s important to recognize that these games come in all shapes and forms and hide some of the best interactive stories and creative ideas in entertainment. Buying your kid a game console, and teaching them to use the same responsibly, opens them to a whole new medium of story-telling and peer to peer interaction. Given how rapidly the industry is growing, it is important to let your children experience the same for themselves as well. With the new generation of consoles soon to launch and all of the children’s day sales out there, this is the best time to do so. 


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