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What is the right refrigerator size for you?

By Finserv MARKETS - May 22,2019
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what is the right refrigerator size for You.

Refrigerators have become an integral part of the modern home. The boxy behemoths help us in storing away our food products for longer periods, along with our beverages. From fending off bacteria to providing us with cold, rejuvenating drinks, it is almost unfathomable today to imagine our world without these ice-boxes. Furthermore, the industry leaders, over the past few decades, have been adopting innovative technology, resulting in the evolution of the refrigerators. The manufacturers have been getting creative, making refrigerators more technologically suave. As a result, customers can now choose from a wide range of colour and style options, as well as smart features.

However, it is also imperative to know what size refrigerator would best serve your purpose. You wouldn’t want a monstrous refrigerator in your kitchen, which would remain half-empty. Neither would you want to purchase a refrigerator which cannot contain all the food products and beverages? If you still cannot decide regarding the size of your refrigerator, here is an easy explanation, which will help you in choosing the product that will give you the most bang for your buck.

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Read on to know about the different types of refrigerators and which is the right size for you:

1. Types of Refrigerators

Top Freezer

  • The most conventional refrigerators we can find in the market today, are those with a top freezer. Usually, the bottom of the fridge is two-thirds of the entire size, where you can keep your vegetables and food products, while the freezer sits on top. The freezer is generally used to store ice creams or products that require low storage temperatures.
  • While top-freezer refrigerators aren’t usually chic, they are elegant and are highly effective. These models are best suited for bargain shoppers of small to medium families, who aren’t looking for anything flashy.
  • Average Size (Dimensions) –Width: 29 inches; depth: 31 inches; depth with door open 90 degrees: 58 inches; height: 66 inches
  • Average Capacity Range –14.5 – 24 cubic feet

2. Bottom Freezer

  • Unlike a top freezer fridge, the bottom-freezer refrigerator has the freezer at the bottom. This refrigerator is particularly useful for those who do not want to hunch over or find it difficult to bend while rooting around for the ingredients.
  • However, the frozen food products will be kept inside the freezer at the bottom, and many models now come with a drawer-style freezer door. Considering the fact that the bottom-freezer units are comparatively bigger to the top-freezer units, these refrigerators are better suited for medium to large families.
  • Average Size (Dimensions) –Width: 29 inches; depth: 3 inches; depth with door open 90 degrees: 59 inches; height: 67 inches
  • Average Capacity Range –19 – 24.9 cubic feet

3. Side-by-Side Units

  • The side-by-side door refrigerators come in a variety of models and usually split the refrigerator into two halves. This also provides you with the option of storing frozen and fresh food products separately; while some models are designed such that both halves are equal in size, most of the models allocate few additional inches for the fridge.
  • This feature-rich refrigerator also saves you space, because of the design of the shelves inside the fridge doors. These refrigerators are also usually bigger than the top freezer and bottom freezer fridge units, making them ideal for large families.
  • Average Size (Dimensions) –Width: 35 inches; depth: 30 inches; depth with door open 90 degrees: 45 inches; height: 71 inches
  • Average Capacity Range –20 – 29 cubic feet

4. French Door

  • French-door refrigerators are extremely popular, and combine the features of a bottom-freezer unit, with its drawer-style freezer, along with side-by-side unit’s low-clearance doors. This ensures that you have a double-door fridge with expansive storage space, along with top-of-the-line features. Considering these units are bigger than the other variants, these are also ideal for large families that want bigger storage space.
  • Average Size (Dimensions) –Width: 35 inches; depth: 29 inches; depth with door open at 90 degrees: 48 inches; height: 68 inches
  • Average Capacity Range –18 – 32 cubic feet

LG 260 L 3-Star Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator

This LG refrigerator-double door model is spacious and can store large quantities of food products and beverages without a hassle. Furthermore, the linear cooling technology of the LG double-door fridge ensures uniform cooling in all the compartments, keeping the food products fresh for longer periods. The double-twist ice tray of this LG 260 ltr refrigerator model, along with its door cooling feature make this a must-buy for customers that require refrigerators that can store large amounts of food and dairy products. Investing in this Inverter refrigerator guarantees energy saving along with reduced costs. Choose from other refrigerator brands like Samsung Refrigerator, Whirlpool Refrigerator and more.

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