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Health Benefits of a Water Purifier

By Finserv MARKETS - Oct 18,2019
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Health benefits of a water purifier

Hygienic drinking water has been a public health concern for a long time now. According to The World Bank estimates, 21% of communicable diseases in India are linked to unsafe water and the lack of hygiene practices.

In order to access clean drinking water, bottled water is not a great option, if that’s what popped up in your mind. It is environmentally unsustainable due to the sheer amount of plastic involved. On top of it, plastic bottles often contain harmful chemicals such as bisphenol A. (BPA) that can permeate the water you drink. It’s clear that bottled water is not your way out.

Therefore, it goes without saying that water purification is more of a need than a luxury. India also witnesses the vagaries of tropical climate and heat, so it is all the trickier to access safe and aplenty drinking water. Under such circumstances, water purifiers present themselves as a boon, a solution to the burgeoning issue of safe water availability. Getting a water purifier will serve your health in more ways than one.

Below are the health benefits of a water purification system:

  1. Elimination of toxic substances and microorganisms

Water may contain microorganisms that are responsible for diarrhea, vomiting and other digestive issues. Untreated water also houses minerals like copper, lead, magnesium, arsenic.

Some minerals are harmful alone, some become harmful as they react with other minerals in the water. Purification and filtration systems help remove such minerals.

A classic example of such a case is chlorine. Since chlorine is a cost-effective method of killing the bacteria and some viruses in water, it is often chosen as a mode of purification. However, it can react with other metals to actually form hazardous compounds. Disinfection Byproducts (DBPs) are harmful elements that result from disinfecting water with chlorine. This is why a water purifier is needed, to deploy its superior purification technology and safeguard against the potential health risks.

Another very critical culprit is lead. This toxic element can percolate in the water through plumbing pipes and solder and therefore it becomes imperative to process the water through a water purifier.

  1. Protection against infectious as well as chronic diseases

Following from the above point, when harmful elements are removed from the water, you’re protected against the diseases that are borne out of them. For example, arsenic, usually found in dangerous quantities in tap water, is a potent carcinogenic. According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), long-term exposure to inorganic arsenic, mainly through drinking-water and food, can lead to chronic arsenic poisoning. These symptoms manifest as skin lesions and skin cancer. And untreated contaminated groundwater is the greatest threat to public health in countries like India.

Similarly, aluminium is suspected to trigger Alzheimer’s, kidney and liver diseases.

  1. Purified water ensures a robust immune system

This is because purified water will not have fluoride, a mineral that has been associated with a weak immune system and cellular damage. It specifically impacts the spleen, an organ responsible for the maintenance of a healthy immune system.

  1. Retention of healthy minerals

While it filters out all toxic and harmful substances, a good water purifier will also selectively retain the minerals in water that are beneficial for the body and that balance the pH of drinking water. In fact, advancements in technology have brought TDS controllers that replenish the minerals lost during the purification process to give you safe and sweet drinking water. Technologies are constantly evolving to give a better output: there are now ways to restructure the water molecules and biologically activate them to improving the hydration and mineral absorption capacity of water, some filtration processes make use of taste enhancement methods and so on.

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