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OLED Vs. LED: Which One Takes the Cake?

By Finserv MARKETS - Apr 24,2019
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If you are planning to purchase a new TV, chances are that people may have already recommended you to go for either an LED TV or OLED TV. So, let’s first understand what exactly is an LED and OLED TV and why have they become so popular in the last few years.


LED stands for light-emitting diode. These little devices make light through the movement of electrons. LEDs are used as a backlight for TVs, each one illuminates a cluster of pixels.


OLED simply means an organic light-emitting diode. They are made using organic compounds that glows when an electric current is passed through. The material used reduces the weight and thickness of a TV, hence creating the sleek, ultra-thin form.

Now let’s compare their features to learn about them in detail


Brightness Black Level Response Time and Lag Viewing Angles Power Consumption Price
The latest LED TVs are usually brighter and offer clear viewing experience due to its backlight. With OLED smart TV, you may not get full-screen brightness. OLED wins in this area because it can turn off completely. The individual pixels can produce a perfect black level. Though LED comes with a full array of local dimming, it isn’t as perfect as OLED. Response time is the time taken for an individual diode to switch from on to off. OLED is the clear winner when it comes to this feature. OLED is the winner here. With LED TVs, the centre is the best viewing angle. While OLED TVs can be viewed at different angles, and still give you the same sharpness and clarity. OLED panels come with no backlight and are very thin and weigh- less. They also need less power than LED TVs. The OLED TV price falls in the list of premium TVs and are expensive when compared to LED TVs.

Here is a list of the best OLED and LED TV in India that are available on the EMI Store:

1.      LG 43 Inch (4K) Ultra HD LED TV

This is a 43-inch screen LED TV with 4K Ultra HD and 35 W speaker output. This LED TV is priced at Rs. 47,999, but you can buy it on easy instalments for just Rs. 5,333 for 9 months from Bajaj EMI Store.

2.      LG 55 Inch Ultra HD (4K) LED TV

Available for Rs. 66,960, you can get this TV on easy instalments of Rs. 7,440 for 9 months. It comes with a 55 inch LED screen and 4K Ultra HD including a 20 W speaker output.

3.      MI 43 Inch Full HD LED Smart TV

This 28 inch Smart LED TV’s price is Rs. 24,599 and is available at the Bajaj EMI Store on easy instalments of Rs. 3,075 for 8 months. It is a full HD TV that comes with a 20 W speaker output.

4.      LG 55 Inch Full HD OLED Smart TV

Available for Rs. 148,000. This 55-inch OLED smart TV is a full HD display TV that can be purchased at an EMI of Rs. 16,445 for 9 months.

5.      LG 77 Inch HD Ready OLED Smart TV

This OLED TV’s price is Rs. 820,631 and can be purchased on EMI for Rs. 91,182. It comes with a 77 inch OLED screen and 40 W speaker output.

You can shop for these amazing TVs from the EMI Store and avail great offers that include zero down payment and zero processing fees.

If you are looking for the best LED or OLED Televisions, the Bajaj Finserv EMI Store is definitely the right choice. Whether you choose to buy an LED TV or a OLED TV, the latest models are available on the EMI store at best prices, and at no-cost EMIs with zero down payments and no extra processing fee using the Bajaj Finserv EMI Card. If the product is somehow found damaged, the store immediately changes it or the customer gets a full cashback.

Check out all the latest television models on the Bajaj Finserv EMI Store along with their features and prices in India. So there you go. Now, what are you waiting for? Go buy your favourite TV today!


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