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Which Is A Better Option: Ceiling Fans Or Air Coolers?

By Finserv MARKETS - May 25,2019
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Ceiling fans or Air coolers

As the scorching heat of summer starts getting unbearable, it is time to get home the best cooling device to combat the heat. India is a tropical country so there is no question about the need for cooling devices. The number of deaths due to Heat Stroke, as recorded by the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) between 2010 and 2015 is 7686[1]. So when summers arrive, it is better to be prepared for the inevitable rise in mercury. It is for the same reason that it comes to us as no surprise that the fan as well as the air cooler industry in India has been on a lean growth curve.


It seems like a pretty basic purchase. After all, both the ceiling fan and the air cooler serve the same purpose: cooling. But which of the two does it better and more efficiently? Both devices use different mechanisms for cooling, and hence their performance differs.  An air cooler is rooted in the scientific principle of evaporative cooling using the incoming air. As the hot air passes through the water-soaked pads in the cooler, evaporation ensures that the air pushed out is cooler than when it entered the unit.

On the other hand, a fan comes with a motor that simply converts electrical energy into mechanical energy. It uses blades to spin the air faster.

The crucial question remains: which one should you invest in as a room air cooler? Let’s assess the parameters:

  1. Actual Performance

We have already learnt how both the alternatives actually function. Thus it is clear that instead of cooling the air itself, fans circulate air inside an ambient space. How we get a cool feeling is through the circulation of air speeds up the evaporation of sweat on our body.  Air cooler is actually going a step ahead in really cooling the air for respite from the heat. In an indoor environment, an air cooler is a better performer.

  1. Energy Consumption

A ceiling fan consumes 75W. You can easily find an air cooler that consumes just 33% more than a ceiling fan, but 80-90% less than an air conditioner. Both the options are much better than air conditioners that use anywhere between 500 to 1500 watts.

  1. Air circulation

Another parameter where the humble ceiling fan gets beaten by the air cooler. Your fan might be super-efficient, but it will fail to circulate enough air during the extremely scorching spells of summer heat. The problem compounds if the room is spacious and mercury is on the rise. The most basic of air coolers boast of powerful airflow with speedy air delivery and air deflection to ensure the air is cool and uniformly distributed all over the place.

  1. Weather

Fans are useful across all weathers, come rain or shine. Their usefulness is more prominent during humid seasons when their rotating blades help keep perspiration at minimum. On the other hand, the efficiency of air coolers is at its peak in hot and dry weather conditions. They’re not so useful in the humid weather, as they also humidify the air.

  1. Water Usage

The air cooler requires continuous water supply as water is used as a cooling agent in its cooling process. You need to fill the air cooler water tanks before using it, which could be a daily chore. With fans, all you have to do is switch it up.

  1. Cost

A ceiling fan of a good brand will cost you somewhere between Rs 1,000 to 1,500, whereas an air cooler costs upwards of Rs 6,000, with most costing around Rs 9,000 to 10,000. But cost should not deter you from getting an air cooler to survive the dog days of summer. With the online platform Bajaj Finserv Markets, you now can get access to easy EMIs that allow you to pay for appliances over a 3 to 24 month period.

Ceiling fans may be the most essential part of your rooms in all seasons, but in order to stay really cool during the hot and sultry days of summer, air coolers are the way to go. Check out air coolers on the Bajaj Finserv EMI Store and secure benefits like zero down payment, discounts and so much more.

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