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10 traffic laws to teach your children when they get their license

By Finserv MARKETS - Aug 22,2019
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Learn The Traffic Laws And Get A Vehicle Insurance.


Everyone knows the basic traffic rules “stop at the red light, buckle up your seat belts, slow down at pedestrian crossing, not speeding”. These traffic rules are made to ensure the safety of commuters and pedestrians on the roads. But there are so many more, specific traffic laws that are less known. It is easy to miss them, but that comes at a cost. Non-adherence to traffic rules is the perfect recipe for accidents. When one is just starting out behind the steering wheel, they are more prone to these incidents. This is why motor insurance becomes inevitable, especially two wheeler insurance. It helps that the law requires us to get a basic insurance cover anyway.

So, now that your kids are ready to take the steering wheel in their own hands, make sure you apprise them of these laws and violations covered under the Motor Vehicles Act.

We discuss some of these below:

1. Inappropriate Parking

According to the rule, if someone has parked their vehicle in front of your own, thereby creating an obstruction for your exit from the parking lot, you can call the traffic police and the defaulter will be penalized for Rs 100. You have to make sure you aren’t the defaulter.

Similarly, parking in front of a public utility like a bus stop, or a public restroom can also land you a fine, especially in Kolkata.

2. Horns are there for a reason

If your vehicle’s horn is damaged, and cannot perform the function of warning other commuters with clarity, it can attract a traffic fine as well. You can be slapped with a fine for Rs 100 since horns are provided for the safety of everyone you are sharing the road with. It is also important to guide your children on the appropriate response in emergency situations when an untoward incident occurs despite all precautions. If there’s a two wheeler insurance like the Bajaj Allianz vehicle insurance in place, it could help them answer a lot of questions that arise during such an emergency.

3. No First-Aid Kit

Driving in Chennai or Kolkata entails carrying a first-aid kit with you in the vehicle. If there is an accident and you, as the driver, are unable to provide emergency first aid to the passengers, this digression may land you in jail for 3 months or a penalty for Rs 500.

4. Smoking In The Vehicle

Smoking at a public place is punishable, and count your vehicle in the same zone. Smoking in your vehicle in Delhi-NCR attracts a fine for Rs 100.

5. Borrowing Others Vehicle

No one’s preventing you from driving a borrowed vehicle, but if you do so in Chennai, you better inform the owner of the vehicle or be slapped with a Rs 500 fine or a 3-month term in jail.

6. Installing Video Device

This law is specific to Mumbai. Simply put, you are not allowed to install a video device on the dashboard.

7. Idle car

Leaving your car’s ignition on while it is idling is a violation of law in Mumbai and can be fined.

8. Drunk Driving

Everyone knows driving while drinking is both extremely dangerous and prohibited by the law.

Despite widespread awareness, drunk driving cases have gone up by 27% in the capital city of Delhi alone1, with as many as 33,000 people caught driving in an inebriated state on Delhi’s roads. Section 184 of The Motor Vehicles Act, 1988 talks about driving by a drunken person or by a person under the influence of drugs. It shall be punishable for the first offence with imprisonment for a term which may extend to six months, or with fine which may extend to two thousand rupees, or with both; and for a second or subsequent offence, if committed within three years of the commission of the previous similar offence, with imprisonment for a term which may extend to two years, or with fine which may extend to three thousand rupees, or with both.

9. Driving and Pedestrians

Always keep the pedestrians’ safety first. It is your duty as the driver to slow down when approaching a pedestrian crossing. Also make sure you never park a motor vehicle near a pedestrian crossing or on a footpath, and never enter the foot lanes, or footpaths without permission from a traffic policeman on duty.

10. Motor Insurance

The Motor Vehicles Act dictates that third-party insurance is compulsory for all vehicle owners. So as your kids prepare themselves to zoom off on their bikes, motor insurance is a prerequisite, and it is imperative that you look for a good policy such as the Bajaj Allianz vehicle insurance. Third-party liability coverage is the portion of a two-wheeler insurance policy that protects you if you’re held legally responsible for a physical injury or damage to someone else’s property.

While that’s the only compulsory part, it is preferable that you opt for a comprehensive coverage two wheeler insurance policy, one that will also provide coverage against incidents of theft, natural calamities, fire, accident, among other unforeseen situations. A comprehensive Bajaj Allianz vehicle insurance available online on Finserv MARKETS, offers 24×7 assistance, swift claim settlement, cashless facility across 4000+ garages. The Bajaj Allianz Two Wheeler insurance also comes with easy renewal process: you can renew your policy online from anywhere in minutes! During renewal, you can opt to have the Bajaj Allianz Two wheeler insurance policy coverage extended to a 3-year plan. As soon as your kid gets their license and vehicle, head over to Finserv MARKETS to protect them against untoward incidents.

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