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3 Ways to Prepare for National Nutrition Month

By Finserv MARKETS - Mar 16,2019
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While most of us understand the importance of healthy eating and following a nutritious diet, we often end up giving in to our cravings. Given the unhealthy lifestyle and eating habits, lifestyle related diseases like diabetes and heart ailments affect many people worldwide. Since nutrition is the foundation of good health, March is celebrated as the National Nutrition Month worldwide to encourage healthy eating habits among the masses. Right from schools and colleges to families and businesses, everyone celebrates National Nutrition Month to focus on healthy eating and exercise to stay fit. If you have been looking for some motivation to adopt healthier eating habits and a better lifestyle, Nutrition Month is the best time to do it. Here’s how you can prepare for the National Nutrition Month :-

Make informed food choices

The key to staying healthy and eating clean is to be aware of your food choices. Mindlessly consuming food will not only deprive you of nutrients but will also cause unwanted illnesses. Instead of snacking on a pack of chips or cookies, plan ahead and eat small portions of nuts, low-fat yoghurt, or a fruit as a snack. Also try to include fresh, local produce in your diet bought from your nearby markets instead of packaged processed foods from the supermarket. Even such small changes in your daily diet can make a big difference and help you lead a healthier and longer life.

Consume fewer calories

If you are leading a sedentary lifestyle, adopting a low-calorie diet is the key to staying healthy. However, many people are under the false impression that low-calorie diets lack nutrition and may cause lethargy. However it is the opposite. Fruits and veggies are low-calorie foods, but they pack a punch of nutrition in every bite. Time and again scientific research has proven that low-calorie diets lead to high-quality lives.

Exercise Daily

While Nutrition month is focused on healthy eating, one simply cannot undermine the importance of exercise. A healthy diet and exercise are the wings that can make your health soar. Make sure to get at least 30 minutes of exercise on a daily basis, preferably in the morning. You don’t have to get a gym membership or exercise with fancy equipment. A simple jog or walk in the park would also suffice.

As you prepare to celebrate Nutrition Month and get healthier, don’t forget to get Health Insurance. No matter how healthy your diet is or how much you exercise, medical emergencies are unavoidable. The prospect of paying hefty hospital bills is enough to give anybody nightmares. Which is why having a health insurance plan is very important. A Health Insurance policy will not only help pay for treatment costs but will also give you the much-needed peace of mind. After all, staying stress-free is also a key component of good health. If you don’t have a Health Insurance policy yet, buy one online with Finserv MARKETS right now and secure your health completely this Nutrition Month.

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