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5 things to consider before buying your first bike

By Finserv MARKETS - Aug 22,2019
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Buying your first motorbike is a special occasion. You dreamt about it during your school days, thinking of the day when you can own your shiny powerful machine. As the day approaches, you are probably already making plans for all the places you will visit and all the people you will show off your new bike to. But wait, have you considered what kind of bike you want based on what you need it for or where you plan to take it? Read on below to learn about the five essential things you need to consider before making this all-important purchase of your life.

While you ponder upon these points, remember to check out the Bike Insurance policies, available on Finserv MARKETS. While third-party liability cover is a mandatory requirement for riding on Indian roads, the best bike insurance policy offered by this insurer covers not only third party liability for any damages inflicted on a person or their property because of your bike, but also provides a financial cover for your bike in case of theft, damage or a natural disaster as well as cover for you in case of an accident.

1. How experienced are you as a rider?

Some of us grew up tinkering with the bikes around us belonging to adults in our family or even our friends. So by the time you are ready to buy your first bike, chances are that you are already a pretty good rider. However, if this is the first time you are going to be around a bike, it is best to get an entry-level or commuter bike, which falls in the range of 100 to 150cc and have easy handling and ride quality. Once you are a pro-rider, you can upgrade to more powerful machines. Either way, buy bike insurance now to keep yourself and your vehicle covered against any possible damages that might be incurred. A comprehensive insurance policy usually provides access to a lot of covers that would further protect the bike and you, as the rider.

2. Where are you going to ride?

A very important factor to consider before buying the bike is to think about where you are going to use it, and also your area of residence. Most bikes are made with the intention of being ridden on tarred roads, but buying a superbike for congested city roads is a very bad idea. The bike’s power is also wasted, while your neighbours might not be too happy with the superbike’s hum every time it starts up. If you do get a superbike though, make sure to buy bike insurance that provides zero depreciation cover as well as cover against any repairs that the bike might need. Machines incur tremendous wear and tear just sitting around, and having a zero depreciation cover on your bike insurance will allow you to settle claims equitable to the bike’s purchase value.

3. What body type are you looking for in a bike?

Different types of bikes appeal to different kinds of riders, based on the necessity of their use. For instance, in a cruiser, your feet would be placed forward with your hands at or above the chest level, giving you an upright or slightly leaned back seating position. While these are meant for long jaunts on highways, sports bikes place handlebars below the rider’s chest, keeping the elbows straight while feet are tucked beneath or behind the body. Tourers are designed for those looking for comfortable long-distance rides, and the seating position is a combination of those found in a cruiser and a sports bike. In addition to these, there are also street bikes which are the most comfortable for short traffic rides, owing to their more erect riding position. Dirt bikes are a whole new category, which have a slightly raised saddle height to accommodate the additional suspension. In case you are a track rider, you should ideally also buy the best bike insurance for your needs, which would include a zero depreciation cover.

4. What’s the level of fuel efficiency you want in a bike?

When people describe their bikes as 100cc or even 2000cc, they are talking about the volume of the bike’s cylinder, which determines the amount of power it produces. The larger the amount of engine displacement, the more power it will produce. However, the more powerful the bike is, the lesser is its fuel efficiency. Keeping this in mind, decide what your priority is. Do you want your bike to be more fuel efficient, or do you need more power in your vehicle? Remember that if you are planning to ride your bike mainly on city roads for commuting, fuel efficiency should be prioritized over power.

5. Do you want to buy a brand new bike or a used one?

While buying a brand new bike is always special, a second-hand bike is much cheaper. With a new bike, you get the latest tech-enhanced packaging and the manufacturer’s warranty along with great after-sales service. However, with a new vehicle, your bike insurance premium would be much higher than if you were opting for a second-hand bike. The best bike insurance policy will offer great value for riders who are just getting used to motorcycles.

Once you are done considering the kind of bike you need, spend some time on considering the kind of insurance you are looking for. Factors like cubic capacity also affect the premium you might have to pay when you buy bike insurance. Head over to Finserv MARKETS, and buy the best bike insurance policy in India. Buying bike insurance on our platform gives you access to a network of more than 4,000 garages that provide cashless servicing. Moreover, you receive bike roadside assistance and zero third-party involvement.

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