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6 ways to protect your car against floods this monsoon

By Finserv MARKETS - Sep 13,2019
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How to protect your car in monsoon


Floods caused as a result of heavy monsoon showers aren’t a new phenomenon. Especially in cities like Mumbai where water-logging becomes an exponential problem at the drop of a hat and where the roads and infrastructure is inadequate to handle the torrent of rain showers. When it comes to daily commute and travel, the struggle is real. Pushing your car along the waterlogged streets and roads presents many risks and can potentially damage your vehicle too! It could cost you a packet if some precautionary measures are not taken unless you have a robust car insurance policy to fall back on.

In May, the cyclonic storm FANI hit Odisha, during monsoon months coastal cities are drowning in water, Assam is battling unabated floods for a while now. These natural calamities can wreak havoc on vehicles and properties. You would not want to be left to deal with the stress and trauma of physical destruction. Therefore, it is imperative that you are aware of the ways in which you can ensure your car stays out of trouble. At this point, you will appreciate the protection extended by a car insurance policy. Here is your guide to navigating the floods and protecting your car from potential destruction, or at least minimize such destruction:

1. If water enters your car:

One of the most important measures to be taken in the event of water entering your car is to not turn on the litigation. It can be an intimidating situation, but it is important that you keep your calm and don’t panic. If you find that your car is flooded or stuck in water, do not try to jump-start or turn on the ignition. It could cause a short circuit in the electrical system. A short circuit can occur even if the engine is not cranked. It would be useful to know about the hydrostatic lock. It is a phenomenon that occurs when water enters the engine and causes it to stall. Eventually, this becomes the reason for major car damage.

2. Turn off the engine, shut down the car:

It can be tempting to think that you are persisting by moving ahead, but pushing the car in a flooded situation does more harm than good. In fact, the moment you feel that the water has enveloped your vehicle, you should turn off the engine right away, as mentioned in the previous point. The word of caution here is that you should avoid turning it back on even after the water subsides as the interiors could take longer to completely dry out.

3. Disconnect the battery:

Irrespective of the intensity of the situation you are facing – whether your car is wheels-eep in water, or drowning or whether only a little water has entered inside, it is best practice to disconnect the battery. The reason is the same as before – to avoid damage to sensitive electronic components that are prone to short circuit. Depending upon the magnitude of damage, either leave your vehicle in the flooded area or arrange for your car to be towed to a garage.

4. Seal and protect your vehicle components:

Before taking your car on the road on a rainy day, it is best to do a quick check of various components. Check the brakes of the car for smooth function. They’re one of the first components to be affected through floodwaters. Not to mention, even minuscule damage to the brakes could be a risk to your safety. Make sure your car is rust-proof. Check that the radiator fan motor is in good shape.

5. Steer clear of muddy puddles:

This is pretty much common sense. Muddy puddles look good only when you are fond of dancing in the rain. When driving your vehicle, steer clear of all bumps and breakers and puddles, especially during rains because the waterlogging makes it harder to assess the depth of such potholes. Driving slow is also a wise move, meant to minimize splashing.

6. Review your car insurance policy, or get one if you don’t already have:

If you live in a city prone to flooding, it is wise to ensure that you are covered for natural calamities under your car insurance. If not, inquire about add-on covers that can provide this protection. In case you have only third-party liability covered, it would be worth considering getting a comprehensive car insurance plan.


You might take all the preventive measures and might still find yourself stuck in a difficult situation. Therefore, it is advisable to acquire comprehensive car insurance like the Car Insurance that will cover you for natural calamities. If you buy Car Insurance online on Finserv MARKETS, you can enjoy additional benefits like cashless car insurance claim facility across 4000+ garages, quick claim settlement, round-the-clock assistance and much more. You can get help when you need with the Bajaj Allianz call centre through the day and even during the night.

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