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7 Summer Driving Safety Tips

By Finserv MARKETS - Apr 17,2019
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The summer holidays are here, which means, it’s time for the road trip you have been planning all along. While we all enjoy some sun while driving, the scorching heat and the glares hitting your eyes can be troublesome at times. And that’s not it, the summer brings about several driving challenges that can be potentially dangerous for you as well as your car. Here are 7 summer driving safety tips you should follow this summer:-

1.Tackle the Bright Summer Sun

The summer sun in most parts of India is extremely harsh. Make sure to wear sunglasses every time you drive. This will keep the glares out of your eyes and protect it from harmful ultraviolet radiations. If the sun glares are too bright, use your car’s sun visor to help block the sun from your view.

2.Hot Temperatures

If you happen to leave your car parked in direct sunlight on a scorching summer’s day, chances are the insides of your car will feel like a sauna. In such a situation, you can either open the windows to let off the heat and turn on the AC. Also, remember to keep a water bottle in your car especially on long summer drives to keep yourself hydrated.

3.Car Maintenance

Before embarking on long summer drives, make sure to get your vehicle inspected. Overheated roads during the summers can wear out your car tires quickly and the sweltering heat can deplete your car fluid levels. Be sure to check your car’s fluid levels, radiator, tires, brakes and AC.

4.Watch Out for Children

Summer equals vacations for school children. Most of the children will be out enjoying their vacation. If you happen to be driving through residential areas, drive slowly and keep an eye out for children as they often enter the roads suddenly while playing.

5.Congested Roads

Summers bring in an influx of several tourist drivers who may not be familiar with the roads. Additionally, the presence of more vehicles on the roads can also lead to severe traffic jams. So, keep your cool, adapt to road conditions and drive with care.

6.Construction season

Along with traffic jams, be prepared for construction on the roads during the summer. Moreover, the pre-monsoon road upgrades also cause major traffic disruptions. Before you set out for long drives during the summers, make sure to check any possible road closures online or on the news to save some time on your route.

7.Buy comprehensive Car Insurance

No matter how many precautions you take, some risks on the road just cannot be avoided. A comprehensive car insurance policy offers coverage against a wide range of risks. Right from major accidents to a scratch or a dent, a comprehensive insurance cover will offer compensation for all damages caused to your car. Buy Bajaj Allianz car insurance online on Finserv MARKETS and enjoy driving carefree this summer.

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