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7 things to know before buying an imported bike in India

By Finserv MARKETS - Aug 22,2019
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Essentials To Look For In An Imported Bike.

Importing a bike to India would be a dream that many bike enthusiasts would have cherished for quite a long time. With increasing globalization, the chances of owning an imported bike are much easier today than it would have been even 10 years ago. Today, you can easily scroll a website and explore the models you might want and you can also easily reach out to vendors and sellers worldwide. You can not only speak with them regarding their offerings, but also negotiate on price and even pay them online. The internet has definitely made life easier, but it has also given rise to several fraudsters who might actually be falsely advertising their wares. Always exercise the utmost levels of caution while setting out to purchase an imported bike.

Imported bikes also attract an import duty (customs) of 142% if you are buying a used bike and 88% if the bike is new. Make sure to insure the bike quickly as well. You never know who might covet your imported bike or if it is damaged in any way, at least your two wheeler insurance will cover it. Head over to Finserv MARKETS to check out the best two wheeler insurance in India. Buy bike insurance online to get the best offers. With Bike Insurance, you would also get access to several benefits such as zero depreciation cover, round-the-clock assistance and cover for any repairs the bike might require.

Continue reading to learn the different considerations to bear in mind before you buy an imported bike in India.

1.What kind of a bike are you looking for?

This is ideally the first question you should ask yourself. There is a bike out there for every mood of a rider, but again, it depends on how often you plan on using it. Secondly, since we are talking about bikes being imported to India, you might not have a lot of options. Superbikes are the most popular choice of bikes being imported to India, however, these are not ideal for daily commutes since they heat up very fast and their seating position is not very comfortable. The Sports-Tourer category are a preferred choice among bikers as these are not just fast but also comfortable for daily commutes.

2.Check the seller’s reputation:

Within this market, the seller’s reputation is extremely important. Ask around in biker circles and online forums before you decide on a seller. Many online portals also have members posting about imported bikes they are looking to sell. These are helpful as people commenting on these forums will also share their opinion and ask relevant questions that may help you learn more about your potential purchase.

3.Verify the age of the bike:

Most imported bikes in India are brought down via the “transfer of residence” route, wherein an Indian who has lived abroad and owned a bike there is allowed to bring it back to India for a reduced percentage of duty. However, this vehicle cannot be sold for up to two years after being registered in India. Make sure to verify the age of the bike by checking when it was brought into the country. This piece of information will help you figure out whether the bike can be registered in your name.

4.Confirm whether the bike has been registered in the seller’s name:

You will find a lot of super bike owners who have not registered the bike in their own name, but have simply held onto the transfer papers. These kind of sellers usually ride the bike around for a few months before selling it onto someone else. While this is not illegal per se, there is however a good chance that a seller like this has not maintained the bike in a very good condition which will lead you to spending more lately on getting the bike back to perfection. Buy bike insurance online once the documents are transferred to your name. If what you are looking for is coverage for yourself and your vehicle, a comprehensive car insurance policy is what you need. The difference between third party and comprehensive insurance is that the latter plan offers wider coverage. Comprehensive coverage policy is expensive as compared to just third-party insurance cover. In the end, choosing the right insurance cover comes down to your specific requirements.

5.Take a test ride:

Before purchasing an imported bike, make sure to inspect the vehicle thoroughly. Research on your own before you go to inspect the bike, and compare the changes you note on the vehicle. Check the chain and sprockets. If they look worn, you can negotiate the price to be reduced since they would cost you a tidy sum to replace. This holds true for tyres as well. Start the bike and let it warm up as that will help you learn more about the condition of the engine. Insist on a proper test ride, ideally at a time when roads are crowded since traffic will put the bike to the ultimate test.

6.Ensure you are ready for the upkeep that an imported bike will require:

Like all machines, an imported bike will also require its fair share of servicing and maintenance, while parts will also need to be changed at differing frequencies in time. For this reason, make sure you have your services in place before you invest on buying an imported bike. Your largest repeat expense will be on the tyres, so make sure you have a place in mind from where you can order tyres at a reasonable rate. If you are travelling through highways or remote areas where the kind of fuel your vehicle requires might not be available, make sure to carry some along in a bottle or two. The Bike Insurance, available on Finserv MARKETS, will allow you to place claims on parts that are being replaced or if repairs are required to your imported bike.

7.What is the frequency of use the bike will see?

If you plan to use the bike on a regular basis, there are a couple of things you have to keep in mind. Plan your trip well and make sure there is a place to park your bike at your destination. Since these bikes heat up quickly, traffic and summers will be a nightmare. Try to plan your commute for off-peak hours so the bike is exposed to the open air for as little time as possible.

An imported bike may grow to be your favourite possession, but consider the points mentioned above before you head into a purchase. Additionally, keep an eye out for the best two wheeler insurance in India, by visiting the Finserv MARKETS website. Make sure your two wheeler insurance covers all the essential bits you require to maintain a super bike in India. Buy bike insurance online and compare the best options available to you. Bike Insurance often emerges as the best comprehensive insurance policy, especially with its network of more than 4,000 garages where you can get your bike serviced cash-free.

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