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Bike maintenance for the winter

By Finserv MARKETS - Dec 23,2019
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Bike maintenance for the winter

Come winter and it is time to get all the locked up sweaters out of the closet to keep yourself warm and protect yourself against the chilly air outside. Similarly, your motorbike requires special maintenance during winter months to ensure it continues to offer optimum performance. Especially in cold climates, where it may snow, parts of the bike freeze and under perform.

To prevent such a scenario, it is important to take precautions well in advance to ensure that your bike does not malfunction during the cold months. During winters, bike insurance takes on an unprecedented level of importance. Your bike may suffer breakdowns during winter months and thus, you should preemptively apply for bike insurance online which provides you with protection during any unexpected situations that might crop up. Buying a bike insurance through Finserv MARKETS gets you access to a host of benefits.

5 Tips to keep you bike in prime condition during the winter:

  1. Cover your Motorbike:

Ideally, it is best to park your motorbike in a covered shelter when it is not in use. However, if you must your park your bike in the open, be sure to cover it and provide adequate protection for it. Make sure to dry out the bike before you cover it, otherwise, moisture is bound to build up around the bike. You could also spray some water repellent fluid on the bike before covering it to ensure further protection.

  1. Check on your Battery:

The winter months are particularly harsh on the battery. As the surrounding air gets colder, the fluid inside the battery becomes more viscous and thus, deteriorates the strength of the batteries. Owing to the thicker liquid, it becomes more difficult for the current to flow resulting in the bike taking longer to start. It is advisable to check on the battery in your bike at regular intervals, or even get a replacement battery if required.

  1. Carry an Anti-Freeze:

Sometimes, due to the cold temperature, the water in the radiator may freeze. When this happens, it is handy to have an antifreeze or coolant around which can defrost the water. Several antifreeze solutions are available for sale, which have additives already mixed to them and can help you start your bike with ease on a cold night. In the winter months, it is possible to get stranded at remote locations owing to such issues with the bike. That’s why it is advisable to apply for bike insurance online well in advance. You can buy bike insurance, available on Finserv MARKETS, which comes with the benefit of instant claim settlement. Additionally, you can enjoy cashless service at more than 4,000 garages across the country.

  1. Change your Bike Oil:

The responsibility of engine oil is to protect the motor and in winter, that responsibility becomes even more acute. If the oil is old, it is essential to change it before the winter chill really sets in. Fill the machine up with fresh engine oil that has additives mixed which can provide protection against the cold environment.

  1. Lubricate all parts of your Bike:

Winter and the increased moisture in the air can make parts of the motorbike brittle and cause its performance to degrade. Lubrication is a great way to ensure that the bike continues to function smoothly and without any hassles. While all parts of the bike need to be taken care of, the chain requires the most attention in terms of lubrication. The chain is an essential component of the bike which moves continuously while you are riding. It is best to lubricate your bike’s chain as soon as you return from a ride, since the chain will be looser then and it will allow for the lubricant to enter the gaps better. With proper lubrication in the chain, the bike will be much smoother to ride and will ensure you are comfortable while riding on the roads even during the winter.

Winter can damage several parts of the motorbike, but there are ways to keep your bike safe and in good condition, even in the harshest of climate. With winter, bike insurance also becomes a necessity owing to the wide array of benefits it provides. Apply for bike insurance online and avail financial protection against damages due to natural and man-made disasters. Buy Bike Insurance on Finserv MARKETS, and avail coverage for repair and replacement expenses to the bike at premiums starting at just Rs. 482 per year.

While buying your bike insurance online, you can also opt for the top-up cover on zero depreciation bike insurance or bike roadside assistance cover for extensive coverage and additional benefits on your policy.

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