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Commuting in the rain increases the risk of an accident. Here’s 5 precautions to take.

By Finserv MARKETS - Aug 13,2019
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Rain had been falling incessantly since afternoon. Sudha was waiting for her daughter to return home on her two-wheeler. She was especially worried because all the news channels were covering the heavy Mumbai rains – reporting persistent water logging and a wall collapse that killed over 35 people. Over the last few decades, threatening rainfall has made thousands of people suffer and lose their lives by chance. Particularly in the monsoon season, people must be made aware of what are the risks of an accident while commuting in the rain. To deal with accident-related financial loss, we can make use of an accident insurance policy as well. Can we take any other measures while driving?

It may seem dreamlike and relaxing to take your car out in the rain as it is “good weather”. But in reality it is not so. Driving through sludge and slippery road surfaces can get difficult at times and you have a lot more to deal with than regular driving. Whether you’re driving your own vehicle or hiring a service, here’s a list of tips to keep in mind the next time you travel during heavy rain.

Commuting in the rain increases the risk of an accident

Make sure your vision isn’t blocked

It is possible to lose track of what you drive over especially in traffic-clogged areas. You could be right above a pile of sharp-edged rocks or a pothole and wouldn’t notice if you are unable to see clearly. Ensure that your windscreen is clean by using the wipers when required. You should use the defogger and air-conditioner to clear up any mist that appears on your windscreen on a dreary day. Most advanced cars that are built with climate control automatically turn on the AC while the defogger is on. For this, you must make sure that the blower and AC is functioning properly. Additionally, you may use liquid soap to clear up your windscreen from time to time.

Use of hazard lights

If in case of heavy rainfall, you will be understandably troubled by the loud noise on the roof of your car and constant honking all around you. You may take some time to drive confidently again, but until then you should put on hazard lights to ensure that you are visible to others around. Driving with lights on during day-time is usually not the best practice, but in times of uncertainty it is perfectly normal to use.

Check your tire pressure well in advance

The grooves in your rubber tyre are designed to expel water and prevent hydroplaning. Hydroplaning occurs when the tyre is separated from the road’s surface by a thin film of water and loses traction with the ground. The vehicle becomes difficult to control in such a situation. When it comes to safety, tyres are one of the one most important components to look into. Therefore, instead of taking your tyres for granted, take the time to check its air pressure and quality. Vehicle-owners overlook covers offered by insurance companies as they feel it is an add-on expense. But such policies are designed to help save money and cover expenses such as replacement of vehicle parts. Having a four-wheeler insurance, one of the many products of Bajaj Allianz insurance, can be worthwhile to you and your family during any mishaps.

Commuting in the rain increases the risk of an accident. Here’s 5 precautions to take.

Do not make sudden steering-wheel movements

While turning or shifting into another lane, make gradual steering-wheel movements instead of pushing or cranking the car. That could cause further electrical and mechanical damage to the car. It is advisable to gently ease up on the gas pedal and slow down until the car regains traction on a slippery surface. Having an accident insurance policy protects you from damage not just due to rain but fire, explosion, self-ignition, hailstorms, frost, floods etc. You may avail of Bajaj Allianz motor insurance, available on Finserv MARKETS in the form of four-wheeler insurance or two-wheeler insurance.

Slowing down minimizes car repairs

You may have noticed how motorists attempt to move fast through shallow puddles, but it is much better for your car if you go slowly. Driving speedily actually forces water to splash into your car’s undercarriage and cause damage, making you spend on repairs. If in case of electrical problems and other water-related damage, you can make use of an accident insurance policy to safeguard you against loss. Bajaj Allianz motor insurance, available on Finserv MARKETS helps you in such situations through a hassle-free claim settlement.


Precipitation and heavy rainfall causes a higher number of accidents every year. If you’re trying to get out of a tricky situation on the road, damage repair and financial strain is the last thing on your mind. To avoid yourself from falling into the trap of debt setbacks, it is wise to secure four-wheeler insurance and ensure a safety net for your family against weather-related accidents. It is best to drive responsibly, not negligently. But it is even better have a contingency plan.

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