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Difference Between Corporate & Individual Health Insurance

By Finserv MARKETS - Nov 22,2020
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Corporate Health Insurance Vs Individual

The importance of having a comprehensive health insurance plan is beyond explanation. In fact, most organisations in India enlist their employees under the corporate health insurance plan as a part of employee incentives. For people whose companies do not offer corporate health insurance are recommended to buy personal health insurance plans from a trusted provider.

While having corporate health insurance is an exemplary option to have, it is wise not to be dependent on it entirely to cover yours and your family’s medical needs. It does not imply that corporate health plans are less useful, but an outright reliance on it should be avoided.

In this section, we have discussed the difference between corporate health insurance and individual health insurance. Take a look.

About Corporate Health Insurance

Corporate health insurance is an employer-sponsored coverage provided to the employees of the company. In simple words, it is a health insurance plan purchased by the employer/owner of the company that covers them and the employees.

Ideally, the corporate health insurance plan only covers employers and enlisted employees. However, employees can extend the coverage to their dependents by paying the additional premium amount from their pocket. The policy covers the treatment and hospitalization expenses of the insured in the event of accident or illness.

About Individual Health Insurance

Individual health insurance plans are designed specifically to cover the concerned person against several illnesses. The insured can avail cashless hospitalization and multiple add-on features to enhance the coverage of the plan. In individual health insurance, the entire sum assured covers only one individual. You cannot add your dependents under the plan.

Corporate Health Insurance vs Individual Health Insurance

The following table will help you understand the difference between the two policies.

Individual Health Insurance

Corporate Health Insurance

Premium Cost

The premiums cost for individual health insurance plans might be slightly high. However, the policy offers extensive coverage, which proves to be value for money invested.

The premium cost for corporate health insurance is low. However, the coverage it provides is limited, as well.


Individual health insurance can be customised to fulfil your medical needs.

In the case of corporate health insurance, you need to accept whatever coverage your employer provides. The policy is not aligned to fulfil yours and your family’s medical needs.

No Claim Bonus (NCB)

You can avail the NCB benefits on your individual health insurance plan.

Some corporate health insurance does not offer NCB benefits to the insured.

Job Limitation

Unlike corporate health insurance, personal health insurance plans do not expire after you leave the job.

Corporate health insurance plans become invalid after you leave the company.

So, Which Plan Should You buy, Individual Health Insurance or Corporate Health Insurance?

While corporate health insurance plans are affordable on your pocket, the policy has limited coverage. As explained above, the policy provides no coverage to the insured after they leave the company.

On the contrary, individual health insurance plans do not have any such limitation. The policy remains active as long as you continue to pay the premiums. It covers you or the loved ones you insured from unforeseen medical emergencies, whether you have a full-time job or not. Corporate health insurance plans will only continue to benefit you as long as you keep working with the organization. If you switch jobs, you may or may not receive health coverage from your new employer.


In challenging times, a comprehensive health insurance plan will protect you and your loved ones against sudden medical expenses. For those who have an individual health insurance plan can undoubtedly proceed for additional coverage under corporate health insurance plans as well. However, those who rely on corporate health insurance plans, it is advisable to buy a standalone individual health plan to cover you during unforeseen events.

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