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Driving in the rain is fun - but make sure it doesn't take a toll on your bike. Here's how.

By Finserv MARKETS - Sep 16,2019
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Bike Maintenance Tips


Driving carefree in the rains sounds like something straight out of a Bollywood movie but with the charm of the Indian monsoon, the fun gets real. The sweet winds that follow and precede the heavy downpour are a delight to ride in. It is also very practical to ride a bike on Indian roads. With the insane levels of traffic congestion and rough roads full of potholes, bikes help you navigate the streets and roads better than a car would. It saves your time that would otherwise be lost stuck in the traffic of the congested and water-logged roads.

Of course, no one wants to fall sick getting drenched in the heavy downpour. But here’s the thing: if you ride long enough, you’ll eventually find yourself under a drizzle, so you may as well enjoy the ride. Even as you do, it is important to keep in mind that your bike needs extra care as it navigates the stream of water. Here are a few things you could do to make sure you don’t risk damaging your bike beyond repair as you whizz past the traffic and enjoy the rains.

  • Drive wisely: When it rains, you have to take some additional precautions. Make throttle adjustments patiently and in small increments. Daredevilry will not serve you any thrills. Same goes for braking – apply brakes smoothly and gently. Don’t be hasty with any of your bike parts. Remember that repairing a damaged vehicle can prove to be very costly. Add to that replacement of a particular two-wheeler component and the expenses are bound to skyrocket unless you have been wise and secured bike insurance online for your vehicle.
  • The road is long and winding? Be wary: Rains make the roads tricky to walk on and drive on. There are all sorts of elements and substances and oils that are brought to the surface. The safest way to navigate winding roads, as well as intersections, is to lower your speed on the junctures. Respect the traffic rules, don’t brake quickly and avoid hastily driving through traffic. Adjust your following distance to avoid being kicked by cars that may stop suddenly in front of you. Indian roads aren’t exactly built for a great experience. Watch out for manholes and potholes and sealer pavements. Footpaths and pavements are not built to last in many streets and often they are absent altogether. This also means you need to ensure you don’t hit the pavement as you try to manoeuvre the narrow lanes. Also, watch out for speed breakers as they can be fatally dangerous if you hit one without proper hold of the situation. Rains make two-wheelers all the more exposed to the perils of accidents through speed bumps. Resist braking or accelerating hard and roll over any road irregularity without making any aggressive moves.
  • Stay dry: Even though it strikes as common sense, it is important to try to keep your vehicle from drowning! In a rush to reach your destination, you may want to try and take the wet lane, but no one loves splashing water or being splashed on. Take the dry lane – it will also help prevent any potholes and potentially a serious casualty.
  • Get bike insurance: Of course, it may be impossible to stay dry all the time, or keep from braking in the traffic. This is where an insurance comes in. It does not only covers the rider from injuries sustained due to an accident, but it also covers the person riding pillion. You can get two wheeler insurance online that covers damages caused by fire outbreaks, lightning strikes, earthquakes, floods, typhoons, hurricanes and landslides and other such natural calamities. You can also avail additional coverages under the bike insurance such as accident cover for the pillion rider, coverage for spare parts, or zero depreciation cover. Though these additional covers will increase your premium amount slightly, it will be worth it so you can enjoy your bike ride.

Bike insurance online, from a platform like Finserv MARKETS offers multiple benefits. It is recommended that you go for comprehensive insurance like the one offered by that provides complete financial coverage in case of death or disability, safeguards against theft, natural disasters or accidental damage, in addition to absolute immunity arising from any third-party liability.


At Finserv MARKETS, you can buy two wheeler insurance online through a simple and straightforward process. Additionally, you can enjoy exclusive benefits like cashless claim facility across 4000+ garages, quick claim settlement, round-the-clock assistance and much more. As you navigate the waterlogged roads, remember that there will be glorious sunny days too!

Also, know what zero depreciation bike insurance is.

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