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Going on the legendary Leh ride? 10 things to check beforehand

By Finserv MARKETS - Aug 22,2019
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Ride Safe To Leh With A Bike Insurance.

The cold desert of Ladakh has long attracted visitors from all over the world. Riding to Leh is usually on people’s bucket lists because of the exhilarating experience it offers in terms of the scenic beauty that is found throughout the journey. However, the gorgeous panorama is accompanied by steep mountain passes and winding roads that look down into gorges thousands of feet deep. This is further complicated due to traffic jams, which often last for hours owing to the narrow roads. A lot of preparation is required to ensure that your trip is completely hassle-free. So, we have prepared a list of 10 things to check before you begin this adventurous ride.

  1. Ensure your bike is in good condition before you set off.

Make sure that the bike has been serviced recently, and if it hasn’t, get it serviced before you set off. Check and double check that the engine is in top condition that all your equipment is operating well before you start the ride.

  1. Renew or buy bike insurance policy before you set off.

The ride is treacherous, and it might be helpful to add some endorsements to your policy. A ride through these parts is bound to increase the bike’s depreciation. Adding a Nil Depreciation cover will allow you to claim the full value without factoring in depreciation, if you meet with any unforeseen accidents. Bajaj Allianz Bike insurance, available on Bajaj Finserv MARKETS, provides zero depreciation bike insurance which will ensure that the depreciation of the vehicle will have no role to play in settling your insurance claims.

  1. Make sure your riding gear is well-suited for the ride to Leh.

Since it’s a cold desert, make sure you are dressed warmly. There are parts where you can get both frostbite and sunburn, but most of the journey will be through cold climates so make sure you are dressed warmly. In this scenario, your bike is also subjected to tough weather conditions, which may cause wear and tear. Buy bike insurance that not just covers damages to your bike, but also covers you against injuries you may sustain while riding the bike.

  1. Be prepared for off-roading.

A lot of the roads are quite hilly and rugged which means a large part of the journey will be covered through off-roading. Also remember to never drive when you are tired because driving on these roads requires every bit of your attention. If your bike does sustain some damage through these misadventures, you can always count on your Bajaj Allianz Bike insurance, purchased from Bajaj Finserv MARKETS, to help you get it repaired. Since your insurance claims can be filed online, you will save a lot of time. The zero depreciation bike insurance is a must before you embark on this trip, since your vehicle could sustain severe wear and tear during this trip.

  1. Carry medical supplies.

Ladakh is one of the remotest areas in the world, and it is best to carry essential medical supplies. Shops and establishments will be few and far between, so it is best to carry everything you might need with you. While it is necessary to travel light, having essential medical supplies and a first aid kit will go a long way and might come handy when you least expect it. Don’t forget to carry tablets for altitude sickness. You might not need them because the ride will allow you plenty of time to acclimatise yourself, but it’s best to be safe than sorry. Buy bike insurance online before the trip, and you will have access to round-the-clock assistance in case you or your bike encounter any unanticipated difficulties.

  1. Carry toilet paper and hand sanitiser.

Public toilets are few and far in between on this remote route, and it is best to be prepared.

  1. Start early in the morning, and stop before it gets dark.

Driving on these treacherous roads at night is not advisable, and it is best to start your trip early in the morning. Keeping that in mind, make sure you reach a hotel or other accommodation before it gets dark.

  1. Chart out your routes before you get on the road.

Internet connectivity will be patchy throughout the journey and you cannot depend on Google Maps working in real-time to estimate your travel route and time. Make sure the route is well charted before you set out so you do not end up traversing down the wrong mountain pass.

  1. Make sure your paperwork is in order before you leave for the journey.

Since Ladakh is close to the border, there is quite a strong presence of the Army in the area. Make sure you are carrying identification documents you might require. There are certain other towns along the way that might require special permits to enter, so make sure you check and update the requisite permits.

  1. Last but definitely not the least, keep space to save your trash.

Leh is practically a miracle of nature, and it would be unfair to spoil it even a little. Whatever you use, make sure you collect and carry it with you. Dispose it off at the next town you reach, in a responsible manner.

A ride to Leh will be one of the most glorious experiences of your ride, but it will also be one of the most challenging routes you might cover ever. Make sure you are prepared adequately for everything you could possibly need. The bike insurance policy, available on Bajaj Finserv MARKETS, should be one of the first things you should incorporate since a cover like this will help even if you do face unexpected challenges on your journey. Settling insurance claims has never been this easy!

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