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Home Remedies for Acidity

By Finserv MARKETS - Nov 20,2020
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What are the natural remedies for acidity?

Most of us enjoy a sumptuous meal. And when it comes to having spicy food, many of us tend  to enjoy it a bit more, resulting in a heavy meal. At times, you can’t say no to the delicious, hot meal and then bear the consequences of suffering from a burning sensation – typically in the throat and chest area. This is a usual example of acidity. Also called acid reflux, or heartburn, acidity has become a common problem.

Symptoms & Causes of Acidity

Once we chew and swallow food, it enters our stomach via the esophagus. The stomach- from the gastric glands – then secretes gastric acid to digest the food. Whenever there is over-secretion of gastric acid, it results in acidity. Acidity can have a range of other symptoms such as indigestion, constant burps, hiccups and discomfort in swallowing. It can also result in nausea, constipation, persistent sour taste in mouth, bad breath, restlessness. Mild acidity is not an acute health ailment, but when the condition becomes chronic and severe, it would require urgent medical attention. Continued acidity problems can not only damage your esophagus, but also cause other symptoms, like unexplained weight loss, pain in upper abdomen, sore throat, wheezing, dry cough and bloody and dark stool along with vomiting that has blood. It is advisable  to visit a medical practitioner, if the acid reflux problem becomes chronic. Remember, untreated prolonged acidity can also cause severe stomach disorders such as Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD), tumours and peptic ulcers.

Now that you have understood the symptoms of acidity, let’s have a look at the causes of acidity :

  1. Wrong dietary habits : Wrong food habits such as having a long gap between meals, skipping meals, overeating, eating before taking a nap, high consumption of spicy food, high consumption of sodium and low intake of fiber-rich foods can result in acidity.
  2. High consumption of certain food items : Junk foods such as pizza, burgers, noodles, doughnuts and other fried foods can result in acid reflux problems. Also, excessive intake of carbonated beverages, tea and coffee can cause acidity.
  3. Side-effect of medications : Acidity can also be triggered by certain medications such as those for high blood pressure and for depression or anxiety. Anti-inflammatory drugs and antibiotics can also  cause acidity.
  4. Medical condition induced acidity : Acidity is a common problem if you are suffering for pre-existing medical ailments, like diabetes, obesity, asthma, hypertension and so on. Pregnant women can also suffer from acidity.
  5.  Miscellaneous causes : If you drink or smoke, have a sedentary lifestyle, or live in constant stress, it can result in acidity. Lack of proper sleeping habits can also cause acid reflux problems.

List of Home Remedies for Acidity

Here is a list of natural remedies for acidity:

  1. Coconut water : The foremost among the list of home remedies for acidity is coconut water. It helps in soothing the stomach and digestive system.
  2. Basil leaves :  The second in the list of home remedies for acidity is basil leaves, also known for its soothing and flatulence relieving properties. You can choose to either chew the leaves, or boil the leaves and sip on it as tea.
  3. Watermelon juice : This is another cure for acidity. You can sip a glass of watermelon juice after meals.
  4. Buttermilk : After having a heavy meal, you can zero in on buttermilk as a cure for acidity. It contains lactic acid, known to soothe the digestive system.
  5. Cold milk : Cold milk has acidity regulating properties and can act as a cure for acidity.  Have a glass of cold milk before you sleep.
  6. Jaggery : Among the list of natural remedies for acidity, the humble jaggery cannot be ignored. It contains a high amount of magnesium, which is known for boosting digestion.  Finish your meals with a piece of jaggery.
  7. Cloves : Yet another frontrunner in our list of natural remedies for acidity is cloves. It is also known for its flatulence relieving properties, and can act as a cure for acidity.
  8. Cumin seeds : Cumin seeds can be among the best home remedies for acid reflux. It neutralises gastric acids and relieves stomach pain.
  9. Apple Cider Vinegar : You can mix a tablespoon of Apple Cider Vinegar in a glass of water, and have it after meals to get relief from acidity. It’s digestion boosting properties make it among the best home remedies for acid reflux.
  10. Ginger : Also among the list of home remedies for acid reflux is ginger, known for its digestion-boosting and anti-inflammatory properties.

Preventive Tips for Acidity

Lifestyle changes can be a key factor in curing acidity problems. Maintain a proper dietary schedule and don’t indulge in overeating. Alongside, avoid junk and fried food items. You should also exercise on a regular basis, and follow a proper sleep cycle. You must also cut down on unhealthy habits, like smoking and alcohol consumption. If you find yourself getting constantly stressed, try yoga or meditation.


Acidity has become a common lifestyle ailment. Nevertheless, you can try the above-mentioned natural remedies for acidity. But, make it a point to see a doctor, if the acid reflux problem becomes chronic. Because of erratic lifestyle habits, health ailments have been on the rise. While you do so, it is advised to be financially ready for any such health ailments.  To protect yourself from any medical emergency, you can choose a health insurance policy. Always remember to zero in on a trusted insurance company. The most ideal health insurance policies available on Finserv MARKETS, comes with multiple benefits like providing cashless hospitalization, covering pre-and post hospitalization expenses along with day care treatment and much more. With a huge network of hospitals across India, providing access to best-in-class medical treatment, choose Finserv MARKETS to buy your health insurance.


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