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How Your Age Affects Your Health Insurance Premium?

By Finserv MARKETS - Feb 5,2019
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How Your Age Affects Your Health Insurance Premium?

Every health insurance company aims to make profits to survive and stay competitive. The same is true for insurance organizations who, to avoid making any losses, find and narrow down on certain factors that can have an impact on their bottom line. You must have wondered how health insurance premiums are calculated and how do insurance organizations make this a profitable business. Insurance companies have a method that assesses the risk associated with a client and the premium he/she pays. This allows them to estimate the amount of premium applicable to a client. One reason they consider is the age of the policyholder or the applicant. Some individuals are at a higher risk as compared to others. Hence, they end up paying a higher premium for their health insurance policy than those in the less risky groups.

In the case of health insurance, the premium will be higher for an older person as compared to someone who is younger age. They are likely to have issues like poor vision, dental problems, ailments related to the back, cholesterol problem, etc. They might need regular health check-ups. The risk of developing diabetes or having heart ailments also increases with age. The costs associated with heart/diabetic treatments are quite high and this eats up into an insurance company’s profits, as they reimburse the cost of treatments incurred to you. It is due to this reason that you end up paying a higher health insurance premium, as the risk related to such illnesses increases with age.

Many young people do not have any medical history or do not suffer from premedical illnesses at a young age. If one applies for a health insurance policy after a certain age, they are likely to or suffer from some of the other medical illness that can lead to a higher premium amount. This shows that buying online health insurance is easier when you are young and have no medical illnesses. As a policyholder, you will be able to buy a policy at a lower premium amount and get a lot of options to choose from, along with a higher coverage amount. If you are wondering how to determine your health insurance premiums, we can help. Use the health insurance calculator available on Finserv MARKETS so that you choose a health plan that is affordable and fulfils your medical necessities. The tool will calculate the premiums based on your preferred coverage and add-ons.

Consider the different health insurance plans available to you and understand the features before you choose one. Understand how your age has an impact on the premium and estimate the amount of premium you will be paying for the policy. Consider the inclusions and exclusions of the policy before you make a final decision.

With FInserv MARKETS, buying health policy online is quite easy, simple and hassle-free. What’s more? You get health insurance benefits like swift claim settlement, extensive coverage as well as customization. So why wait? Get yourself insured with FInserv MARKETS today!

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