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Hygiene tips to avoid air and water borne diseases

By Finserv MARKETS - Oct 23,2019
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Hygiene tips to avoid air and water borne diseases

In India, hygiene or the lack thereof, continues to be a major matter of concern in most regions. A lack of hygiene results in higher incidences of diseases, and especially diseases caused by water-borne or air-borne germs. This can include both lack of individual hygienic practices and in the surrounding environment. In India, about 37.7 million people are affected each year by water-borne diseases while 1.5 million children die of diarrhoea. It is essential for people to take preventive measures and maintain good hygiene in order to protect themselves from waterborne diseases such as cholera, diarrhoea, amoebiasis, malarial fever and others. Airborne infections can lead to diseases such as influenza, measles, tuberculosis, pneumonia, etc.

Environmental conditions today lead to the spread of several diseases, owing to no fault of individuals, except a lack of preventive care. But often, even after having taken preemptive measures, some diseases cannot be prevented. Hence, it is significant to opt for the best health insurance well in advance. Apply for Bajaj Allianz health insurance today on Finserv MARKETS, and access medical coverage up to Rs. 50 Lakhs with premiums starting at Rs. 198 per month.

Apart from opting for health insurance, it is necessary to follow some hygiene tips which can hold you in good stead as preventive measures against contracting air and water-borne diseases.

1. Check the Purity of your Drinking Water:

Drinking water is one of the most common sources of contamination, and unclean drinking water is one of the most frequent causes of disease. Make sure to install a trusted water filtration system at home, which is equipped to purify the water found in the area. Always carry drinking water with you to ensure you don’t have to drink water at places you might be visiting and where the water may not be purified adequately.

2. Keep your Hands Clean:

It is essential to wash your hands with a good soap and water because a lot of diseases spread from the hands, especially while eating. If you do not maintain a habit of keeping your hands clean, germs can easily transfer from your hands to your stomach and thereby infect you.

3. Cover Nose and Mouth when Outside:

A lot of germs can pass from the environment into your nasal cavity or mouth while you are outside home. Wear a mask to prevent dust, other particles and germs in the air from entering your nose or mouth.

4. Avoid Contact with Sick Persons:

An essential hygiene tip is to prevent close contact with sick people especially those who are carriers of contagious diseases. Sharing food or personal items with them may result in contamination.

5. Bathe Twice a Day:

Taking a bath in hot water at least twice a day is imperative to ensure that any germs you might have picked up while you were outside have been washed away. Thoroughly clean pores and any or all dirt off yourself.

6. Eat a Balanced Diet:

A balanced diet containing adequate amounts of green vegetables, fruits and all the essential nutrients is important for maintaining good health. A balanced diet keeps your immune system strong and prevents you from contracting diseases too quickly.

7. Avoid Unhealthy Habits:

Drinking alcohol and smoking cigarettes are two habits that can prove costly in terms of maintaining good health. These habits will make your immune system weaker and make you more susceptible to picking up diseases from your surrounding environment and germs present in it. These habits will also disrupt your health insurance coverage, since habituated smokers and those consuming alcohol regularly are subjected to higher premiums. If you maintain good habits and avoid unhealthy ones, you can avail the best health insurance for a much lower sum. Apply for health insurance on Finserv MARKETS with premiums starting at only Rs. 198 per month, and avail cashless facility at more than 6,500 hospitals across the country.

8. Purify Air Around You:

You can install air purifiers at home which can keep the indoor air clean and maintain good circulation. An air purifier will ensure that the air you and your family is breathing has been filtered and does not contain any contaminants from the environment.

9. Vaccinate Yourself:

There are several vaccines that your doctor can recommend to you, which can not only help boost your immune system but also protect you from common air-borne and waterborne diseases.

10. Keep your House Clean:

Areas in the house such as the kitchen and bathrooms can easily get infected, and have the highest chances of spreading diseases. While it is necessary to keep the entire house clean, the kitchen and bathrooms are rooms that have to be disinfected thoroughly on a regular basis.

Air and water-borne diseases can have a detrimental effect on your health, if care is not taken at the earliest show of symptoms. Simple hygiene tips can help you by a long shot in preventing infection and diseases over the long term. Among other measures, it is ideal to opt for the best health insurance policy which provides coverage against a variety of illnesses. Apply for health insurance on Finserv MARKETS and get tailor-made insurance policies for yourself and your family, too!

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