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Is travelling abroad for sports events worth it?

By Finserv MARKETS - Aug 21,2019
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As a sports fan, there really is no better place to experience a big game than at a stadium. Indians have always been the most enthusiastic and zealous over the sport – it is a melange of emotions rather than being just a game. The days of cricketing yore were also marked by the exclusive experience of witnessing the sporting heroes in action at a stadium. The communal atmosphere, the sing-along chants, the constant buzz, open air, and the unity of people standing and cheering as one. Having a physical ticket that’d become a part of your memorabilia from the match, along with other merchandise – the Indian flag you hoist gleefully, the tattoos you get, the cap you wear – all to show you Bleed Blue. There really is no substitute for the experience of being at the game.

Of course, mass media in the form of radio and then television made it possible for you to catch the live action through the screen and seamless broadcasting. The advancements have made so many strides that now you can even look at the game through multiple camera angles and get enriching infographics and information on the cricketing action from the comfort of your own home. There is still, however, no competition for the actual physical presence in a stadium with the persistent chants echoing through the air.

The Carnival and the view: why the real thing is a real thing

Watching a cricket match live in the stadium is the peak of the cricketing fan-glory. From the chants to the vendors selling jerseys and other merchandise, the festive mood of the blues; all of these add up to make it a surreal experience. To top it off, your cricket heroes are in front of you, in flesh, charming you with their masterstrokes. No matter how many cameras you get, and how many angles it can capture, it can never really recreate the stadium atmosphere.

It is an iconic experience now, a cherished memory later

So when it comes to travelling in order to catch your favourite sport and favourite team in action, how ardent are the fans? Consider this: VFS Global, UK’s visa services partner has already processed over 2 lakh visa applications from January to April in India1. The British High Commission had also mentioned that it was expected that around 80,000 Indians will travel to the UK this summer. Clearly, Indian fans of cricket are ardent, and they wouldn’t want to miss on the wholesome experience of watching a cricket match live.

The timing, the place, the event – it all fits into place

Indians have been favouring the United Kingdom as their choice of holiday destination consistently over the last decade. In fact, over the last ten years, the number of international outbound visits from India has grown over ten times faster than the population.

Add to that the fun of catching up a live cricket match.

Prepare for the journey and the destination

Of course, it may seem like too much effort for a sporting event but witnessing the sport in an entirely different cultural context, with the opportunity to travel and explore a new country is worth every bit of penny and time. Our only advice to you is to be prepared for the journey, right from the unpredictable weather to emergencies with a robust travel insurance policy. Book your tickets timely to get a good deal, and secure travel insurance to ensure a worry-free ride. Getting your travel insurance early, and not just before your trip, is also important as you’ll be covered from the moment you take the policy.

A Bajaj Allianz Travel insurance policy, bought from Bajaj Finserv MARKETS, can cover a range of risks from cancelled flights to the theft of your belongings, and even extend to medical insurance. You may be tempted to skimp on travel insurance for your England trip but consider this: the UK has a public health system called the NHS which serves the locals for free, but since visitors aren’t entitled to free treatment under the system, the costs for medical aid there are whopping, and paying out-of-pocket can be back-breaking. Not to mention, it can dampen your holiday mood. So, get yourself a comprehensive Bajaj Allianz travel insurance plan, and ensure it covers all your needs, and then enjoy the match worry-free!

Also know about the benefits of travel insurance

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