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Lost the driving licence? Steps to apply for a new driving licence

By Finserv MARKETS - Mar 28,2020
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how to get a lost driving licence

A driving licence is an official document that acts as your permit to operate and drive vehicles like cars, bikes, buses etc. on public roads. The process of obtaining a driving licence is more or less the same, but each state in India comes up with its own regulations. These include rules regarding the eligibility age, training, type of vehicle for which the licence is being issued, among other things. Whenever you are driving on the road, you are required to carry it with you!

If you ever lose your driving licence, it is as bad as losing the key to your vehicle. Driving without your driving licence is a punishable offence. So a lost driving licence is as good as no driving licence. It is important to obtain a duplicate to replace the lost licence as soon as possible. It is also important to know how to get a driving licence after a loss.

Here’s what you should do in case you lose your driving licence:

Steps to follow in case you lose your driving licence:

  • Intimation:

The first thing to do in case of loss of your licence is to inform the police about it. Your driving licence is an important document that works as a proof of your identity; so it is legally imperative to ensure that it is not misused. You should head over to the nearest police station – remember this should be the police station that has jurisdiction over the area where you lost the licence. File a First Information Report (FIR) and get a copy of the same to keep with you.

  • Visit the appropriate branch of the police station, lodge a complaint and file an FIR
  • Get a copy of the FIR for yourself.
  • Visit the Notary Office and get an affidavit to the effect that you lost your licence on a stamp paper. For the notary service and the stamp paper, you will be required to pay a small fee.
  • Application:

Once the FIR has been filed, the next step is to apply for a duplicate licence. In some states, this facility is available online. If not, then you can visit your nearest Regional Transport Office (RTO) and apply offline for the same. In your application for a replacement of the lost driving licence, you will be required to submit the FIR and affidavit. More about the exact application process is explained in the last section.

  • Exercise Precaution:

Until you receive the duplicate licence, you should refrain from driving your vehicle because it would be a punishable offence. Once you do receive the new one, keep photocopies of it, keep it safe in your wallet or car and link it to the DigiLocker. Technology today, allows you to create a digital backup. It is a wise thing to do!

Duplicate driving licence application process

Nowadays the driving licence issued by the RTO is in a smart card format instead of the olden book format. Your application includes a step for biometric data collection which is stored in the smart card. So when you are applying for a duplicate driving licence, you will not need to give the driving test again, but you will still need to furnish proper documentation.

Here’s the exact process of how to get driving licence:

  • Visit your RTO along with the relevant required documents, including passport size photographs, copy of the FIR you filed and the affidavit. You will also be required to pay a fee for the new driving licence.
  • Fill the application form for issuance of a duplicate licence. If you have attested photocopies of the driving licence, those would also be required to be attached. Complete the application form and submit at the driving licence branch with your complete application package.
  • You will then proceed to the biometric section for the collection of your biometric data – photo and thumbprint.
  • The duplicate driving licence will be delivered to your address as mentioned in the application form after investigation. The estimated time period will be communicated by the Assistant RTO Officer.

If the provision of applying online is available, the process would look similar.

Driving on Indian roads can be an ordeal if you don’t have adequate information: make sure you follow all other regulations too, like securing car insurance or two wheeler insurance for your vehicle. If you avail it online, you can head over to Finserv MARKETS. The policy also puts you together with experts: they are available at your service to put all your queries to rest.


Remember, while it is not that difficult to obtain a copy of your driving licence in case of loss, you need to be careful not to lose it in the first place. And until the new one is issued, refrain from driving and endangering the lives of others!

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