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Love travelling? Ten jobs that come with lots of travel

By Finserv MARKETS - Jul 29,2019
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Ten jobs that come with lots of travel:-

In a practical world, the passion to pursue one’s dreams stands very little chance. Travelling is a passion and luxury for many that are most often contingent upon practical reasons like affordability. So, if you have you been bitten by the travel bug, here’s some heartening news for you. You no more have to wait for your vacation to commence or budget to fall in place to travel the globe. You can now tour the world on your job instead, and earn a living doing it too. Here are ten jobs that involve a great deal of travel:

  1. Airline Pilot:

Constant travel is a notable feature of a pilot’s job. Airline pilots tend to have busy jobs, but they also have overnight layovers that allow them to explore the city that they have stopped in.

  1. Flight Attendant: 

One of the best jobs that allows you to travel is that of a flight attendant. Skills such as fluency in a foreign language and CPR training are greatly valued by airline hiring managers. Flight attendants are also often affected by factors like jet lag, working through odd hours, facing difficult customers at times, but the perks for this hard work are paid through free or discounted flights for you and your immediate family as well as an opportunity to see picturesque locales across the world.

  1. Consultant: 

Consultants who have specialized knowledge in a particular field are regularly hired by multinational companies to offer insights and advice on how to fix complex problems in their business and industry. Since this knowledge is exclusive, a consultant is likely to cater to clients dispersed across the country, and often across the globe. It’s an ideal way to earn income for people who are sociable and love to travel.

  1. Diplomat:

Diplomats travel the world by working on complex issues such as immigration, refugee crises, global trade deals, security, climate change, et al to defend and protect their country’s interests at several bilateral and multilateral fora. Diplomats are mostly recruited by individual governments after a rigorous screening of eligible candidates. International organizations such as the United Nations and the World Trade Organisation also hire subject experts as diplomats who are posted in several countries and are paid a handsome salary for their skills and expertise.

  1. Archaeologist: 

If you are interested in history and the discovery of artefacts across the world, then, archaeology is the best-suited job for you. Archaeologists travel places and discover the buried treasures that give them a glimpse into life centuries in the past. Regarded as one of the best jobs involving travel, it also requires a substantial amount of educational expertise in history.

  1. Geologist: 

As a geologist for, say an oil company, you usually travel extensively, going anywhere in the world where there might be oil. The same holds true for geologists in mining companies. You might be looking for copper in Afghanistan one month and Yttrium in China the other month. It is one of the fastest-growing and well-paid jobs in the market today. However, you’d need a specialized bachelor’s degree to be hired for this position.

  1. Travel Writer: 

World-renowned travel magazines such as Conde Nast and National Geographic hire travel writers to report on popular and offbeat vacation destinations across the world. As a travel writer, you shall travel on company’ dime while narrating the experience of year’s best travel destinations.

  1. Scuba diving instructor: 

Being a scuba diving instructor lets you explore the exotic world underwater. You’ll see the world of animals of rare species, discover shipwrecks and treasures, and train new students on the basics of diving. As a scuba diving instructor, you can select from many different locations ranging from the Arctic to the Antarctic, from warm tropical waters to the Dead sea. However, becoming a scuba diver is not easy and involves immense effort in the form of clearing multiple certification programs.

  1. Travel Photographer: 

If you are skilled with the camera and can capture the world, you may consider becoming a travel photographer. Magazines such as National Geographic, AP, Lonely Planet, etc., need full-time photographers to capture pictures of everything from high-end resorts and tourist attractions to local events and cultures. Freelance travel photographers too, are quite in vogue today.

  1. Tour guide: 

As a tour guide, you can travel the world and share your passion for wanderlust with other travellers on vacation. Being a successful tour guide requires you to be able to manage large groups of people and have a background in history or local knowledge. Tour guides operate independently as well as in association with large companies. If you are someone who loves to live out of a suitcase, a tour guide is a great job opportunity to combine with travel.

Start Exploring

Given these possibilities, you can start evaluating the skills you possess and how you could craft them into a career that comprises travel. Alongside, it is key to note that a travel-focused profession is risky and fraught with several occupational hazards. Only a robust travel insurance plan can help you handle these risks. Beneficial travel policy like Bajaj Allianz Individual travel insurance and the Bajaj Allianz Family travel insurance, available on Finserv MARKETS, can come to your rescue and prepare you to handle any unforeseen emergencies with confidence.

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