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Tesla Cybertruck: Is this the future of automotives?

By Finserv MARKETS - Dec 5,2019
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Tesla Cybertruck

Although electric vehicles have been on the scene for more than a century, they haven’t really been the preferred choice of automobiles. The single biggest reason for the very low adoption rate of electric vehicles (EVs) is the low range they offered. Until recently, the range of EVs hovered around the 150 to 200 kilometer mark on a single charge. This range is generally only good enough for use in the city. By comparison, the conventional IC car, with its internal combustion engine, can easily deliver around 400 to 450 kilometers on a full tank of fuel.

However, the entire landscape changed with the arrival of Tesla’s Cybertruck. Here’s why the Cybertruck is the future of automotives.

1. Mileage

Tesla’s Cybertruck has completely reinvented the electric vehicle by addressing the single major complaint that EVs had – their low range. The Cybertruck comes in three variants, each with different maximum range capacities. The lowest variant is slated to deliver around 400+ kilometers, while the mid-variant and the top-end variant are designed to deliver around 480+ and 800+ kilometers on a single charge respectively.

The monstrous 800-kilometer range of the Tesla’s Cybertruck is twice that of a typical internal combustion vehicle. Interestingly, Tesla managed to achieve this feat not by adopting a fancier and more complicated technology, but by simply adding more battery capacity to the vehicle. And with battery technology seeing new developments and breakthroughs, the maximum range is only bound to go upward from here.

2. Design

Mileage is not the only radical change that Tesla’s Cybertruck brought to the scene. The vehicle’s revo+lutionary exoskeleton design is another aspect of the EV that took everyone by surprise. Tesla has always put function over form, and the Cybertruck accurately reflects this thought process. The vehicle not only looks like it came right out of a science-fiction movie, but also carries with it plenty of advantages over conventional cars.

The entire design of the vehicle is made with maximum durability and passenger protection in mind, even if it means that Tesla has to sacrifice the aesthetics. The body is made from Ultra-Hard 30X Cold-Rolled stainless-steel that is highly resistant to dents, damage, and corrosion. With consumers placing greater emphasis on occupant safety rather than appearance, this shift in design is bound to translate into the future of all automotives.

3. Adaptive Air Suspension

Adjustable suspension technology has been in existence for quite some time now. So, while it’s not entirely new to the scene, Tesla has put a futuristic spin on this established technology. Elon Musk’s version, which he calls ‘Adaptive Air Suspension’, has been completely revamped to provide consumers with better customizability. In addition to being able to raise and lower the suspension by four inches, Tesla’s Cybertruck can also self-level itself depending on the terrain and the occasion. This level of customizability dramatically increases the adaptability of the electric vehicle and enables it to tackle all kinds of terrain.

4. On-Board Power

When it comes to versatile utility, very few cars, either electric or conventional, can match up to Tesla’s Cybertruck. The electric vehicle offers a combination of on-board power and an air compressor, which can be used to power pneumatic tools like impact wrench guns, drills, air hammers, and orbital sanders, among others. On a smaller scale, the vehicle’s power outlets can also be used to charge gadgets, power lights, and even other electric vehicles.

Tesla Cybertruck
With so many innovative and futuristic features, Tesla’s Cybertruck may just be the pioneer the world needs to fuel the push toward a cleaner and more efficient future. This paradigm shift is more likely to accelerate with increased adoption of electric vehicles. You too can take a step towards the future by opting for an electric car.

While Tesla’s Cybertruck has not yet been launched in India, we certainly have the homegrown Kona Electric from the house of Hyundai. With an impressive range of 449 kilometers on a single charge, Hyundai’s Kona is one of the most futuristic purchases you can make within the country.

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