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Things to know before following a vegan diet

By Finserv MARKETS - Nov 28,2019
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Becoming a vegan can have a significantly positive impact on your health. And as the global vegan community gets ready to celebrate World Vegan Day on November 1st, now might be a good time to adopt a vegan lifestyle if you’ve been putting it off for a while. Veganism can even help you cut down on many expenses. This diet is cheaper than a meat-based food plan. It also reduces the risk of many diseases, thus effectively lowering your future medical expenses.

Additionally, it can improve your overall health and thereby result in lower health insurance premiums. If you don’t have a health insurance plan, you could opt for a comprehensive Bajaj Allianz health insurance cover, available on Finserv MARKETS. And with that done, you might be ready to make the switch to a vegan lifestyle.

Here are 10 things you need to know before becoming a vegan.

  • You’ll have to ease into it:

Making the switch to veganism all at once can throw you off-course. Such a rapid transformation may make it more likely to slip up. If you’re a meat-eater, it might be more difficult for you to alter your diet overnight. So, before becoming a vegan, understand it’s smarter to start off small. Swap two non-vegan habits for vegan alternatives each month. Once you feel comfortable, take it up a notch.

  • Veganism isn’t as expensive as it seems:

Following a vegan diet may seem expensive initially. This is because when you’re becoming a vegan, you’ll often have to swap out existing habits for newer ones. And this set of sudden expenses could give you the notion that a vegan diet is not cost-effective. But wait a while, stick with it, and you’ll see that in the long run, you’ll save more once you’ve got your vegan food plan in place.

  • Be smart about the alternatives you choose:

While a vegan diet may require the elimination of meat and dairy products, it’s essential to be mindful of what you bring in to replace these foods. Too often, you’ll find that it’s easier to simply opt for processed foods. This could have a worse impact on your health than dairy and other animal products. So, in the beginning, you might need to consciously make healthy choices, so you don’t stray into the tempting aisle with processed foods up for sale.

Things to remember before following a vegan diet

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  • You’ll need some vitamin supplements:

Popping pills may become a necessity. Your diet will grow to include supplements for vitamin B-12, vitamin D, long-chain omega-3 fatty acids, iron, and zinc. At first, you could feel a bit lost about where to begin, especially if you’re unsure about the dosage of supplements required. Your best bet is to make an appointment with a nutritionist and seek professional help before you begin taking these supplements.

  • Reading food labels will become second nature:

While you may have never given food labels more than a cursory glance until now, becoming a vegan changes that entirely. Food labels give you the nutritional composition of the food. In addition to this, you’ll need to take a thorough look at the ingredients to ensure that the food item is indeed vegan. Too often, companies advertise products as plant-based or vegan even when they might include a non-vegan ingredient.

  • It takes a lot of planning:

Adopting a vegan lifestyle takes a lot of planning. An unplanned leap can have many uncomfortable consequences. So, you’ll need to do your research, ensure that your daily nutritional requirements are being replaced equivalently, and meticulously plan the swaps you intend to make. Print out your plan and pin it up somewhere you can view it every day, so you don’t forget any key element.

  • Of course, you can still eat out:

A common misconception that non-vegans and new vegans have about veganism is that it keeps you from dining out or heading over to a friend’s home for dinner. This couldn’t be further from the truth. You can still head out to all your favorite eateries. You might just have to order different items. Before you decide, enquire about the ingredients if you’re unsure whether something on the menu is vegan.

  • It’s a lot more than just a diet:

Veganism isn’t just about the diet. It’s a lifestyle choice that involves hundreds of sustainable and eco-friendly habits. Becoming a vegan involves quite a bit of unlearning and relearning. Veganism influences the kind of clothes you wear, the cosmetics you use, and all the tiny habits that come in-between. It’s a way of life that requires conscious and mindful decision-making at every step of the way.

  • There will be a lot of questions:

Your family and friends are bound to be curious about your new lifestyle choice. To help them understand your move better, you need to educate yourself about veganism. Acquaintances may also offer their advice or opinions on this lifestyle. If you’re easily swayed, you might want to introspect before you tell others you’re going vegan. This way, you can be sure of why you’re doing it. And that makes it easier to stick with your choice.

  • You might hate it before you love it:

The truth is, you might hate the vegan options when you’re switching to a vegan lifestyle. This isn’t because the alternatives are bad. It’s more due to the fact that change of any kind may feel uncomfortable. However, with time, once you notice that you’ve grown healthier, that your skin feels better, and that your moods are more stable, you’ll start to love it. It takes a bit of persistence to see yourself through the initial days of becoming a vegan. Support groups can be of great help.

Knowing these essential things before becoming a vegan can make the transition easier for you. If you’re doing this to help conserve the environment, read up on that and make educated choices. And if you’re adopting veganism to improve your health, don’t simply stop there.

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