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Tips to Have a Safe Holi in 2019

By Finserv MARKETS - Mar 20,2019
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Holi is one of the most widely celebrated festivals in India. It’s the festival of colours, dancing, feasting and merrymaking. All the mischief, drenching loved ones with Pichkaris, the smearing of colours and having Bhang and Gujiyas is all great fun. However, the aftermath of Holi can sometimes be unpleasant if you are not careful. In the earlier days, Holi colours were traditionally made from spring flowers and herbs, which were therapeutic. However, in present times, things have changed drastically. A lot of people have started using chemical colours and oil-based paints during Holi. When these chemical colours come in contact with the skin, it may cause skin problems like acne, rashes or eczema. Moreover, these colours can also cause serious problems like asthma if inhaled or even blindness if they come in contact with the eyes.

At Finserv MARKETS, we have health insurance plans with a wide coverage of affordable premiums, encouraging healthy and safe Holi practices for everyone. Here are some important safety tips that will help you enjoy a happy and safe Holi this year: –

Use Natural Homemade Colours

Chemical store-bought colours are damaging to the skin and hair. Try making organic Holi colours from flowers like marigold and kitchen ingredients like sandalwood and turmeric.

Apply Oil on Your Skin and Hair Before Playing Holi

The oil will act as a protective layer and protect your skin and hair from the chemical colours. Also, applying oil will avoid staining of your skin due to the colours.

Drink Plenty of Water

Temperatures are always high during Holi as it marks the onset of summer. Hence, there are chances that you may forget to drink enough water and get dehydrated due to all the running around and chasing your friends. In the midst of having fun, binge-eating and indulging in all those Holi specials; it is very important to drink plenty of water to keep stomach infections like diarrhoea at bay.

Be Careful About your Food Choices

Festivals are the time to indulge, and Holi is no exception to this. Fried foods and heavy sweets are often served during Holi feasts. Unfortunately, adulterated sweets and snacks are common in the market during Holi time. Consuming unhealthy or adulterated foods can lead to stomach ailments and other infections. So make sure to buy your Holi treats from trusted stores or try making it at home.

Use Kitchen Ingredients to Remove Colour

Instead of using harsh shampoos and soaps to remove colours from your skin after playing Holi, use ingredients like wheat flour powder and lemon to gently remove the colours.

Wash Your Hands Every Time You Touch Food

Using powdered colours is a common practice during Holi. However, the colours in their fine powdery form can get mixed up in boxes of dry fruits, nuts and sweets that you put out for your family and guests. Ingesting chemical colours can lead to digestive troubles and other ailments later on. Therefore, ensure that you keep all the food covered and wash your hands before eating.

We hope and believe that following the above tips would definitely help you enjoy a happy and safe Holi. Along with these safety precautions, consider the added protection for your health by taking up a Health Insurance Plan with Finserv MARKETS. A Health Insurance Policy gives you the assurance of financial coverage against any medical emergency by paying a health insurance premium. So get insured, stay protected and enjoy a happy and safe Holi!

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