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Toilet hygiene for disease control

By Finserv MARKETS - Dec 1,2019
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Toilet hygiene for disease control

Several dangerous diseases spread through air and water, and in order to prevent these from affecting you, it is necessary to keep your surroundings clean. Toilets are a space dedicated to disposing off human waste in a sanitary fashion, but they are also susceptible to contamination and resultant infections. In India, for many years, open defecation was a norm, especially in the rural areas of the country. In recent years, several government initiatives have been launched which emphasize the importance of having toilets and also the necessity of keeping them clean.

Toilet hygiene is essential because the absence of sanitation in these surroundings can result in the following scenarios:

  • An unclean toilet can significantly contribute towards infecting the environment around. Infected individuals can contaminate others living with them by sharing the same toilet facilities. This can lead to them picking up several water-borne diseases including diarrhoea, cholera, etc. If the toilet is cleaned regularly, it slows down the infection that could be caused by germs in the environment.
  • Especially for individuals living in a close-knit community, toilet hygiene is of the utmost importance. Disease prevention becomes increasingly essential if there are certain affected individuals living in this environment as well. Just as you should avoid sharing clothing, food or water with carriers of communicable disease germs, so should you avoid sharing toilets as well.

The incidences of communicable diseases continue to increase, owing to poor toilet hygiene and a host of other factors. The spaces where you spend the most amount of time should be cleaned regularly and thoroughly. Read on to learn about the best ways to maintain adequate toilet hygiene.

  1. All parts of the toilet must be thoroughly cleaned with hot water and soap. These will keep germs away. Using a disinfectant is also advisable as this will kill the germs entirely. Make sure to disinfect the toilet seat, handle and rim thoroughly.
  2. Toilet surfaces must be kept dry at all times. Moist surfaces allow germs to thrive and spread, and thereby contaminate people.
  3. The tools used for cleaning toilets, such as mops and clothes, must also be disinfected after use to prevent germs collected from the toilet spreading to other areas. Or you can also use disposable paper and cloth towels, which must be disposed of after one use.
  4. Flushing in order to keep the U-bend and toilet bowl clean after every use is important to maintaining overall toilet hygiene.
  5. Every few days, use a toilet cleaner and brush to thoroughly clean the toilet surfaces.
  6. A descaling product can help you regularly remove lime scale from the surface of the toilet.
  7. Baths and sinks in the toilet must be cleaned and disinfected regularly, to prevent collection of water and the resultant spread of water-borne diseases.
  8. While using a shower that has not been used in a while, it must first be run with hot water before use.

The toilet hygiene tips listed above are aimed at disease control and prevention of contamination through germs in the air and water around us. Another important preemptive measure to protect yourself and your family from diseases is to opt for comprehensive health insurance. The best health insurance will cover a significant portion of your treatment and medical costs, and also enable you to take regular health check-ups to stay abreast of your health conditions. Apply for health insurance on Finserv MARKETS, which allows for quick settlement of claims and access to cashless facility at more than 6,500 hospitals across the country.

Often, while travelling or even when you are out of the office at work, it becomes necessary to use public toilets. Though extremely useful, public toilets are also one of the most frequent causes behind spread of diseases. It is important to use a public toilet carefully and prevent contamination from them. Read on to learn precautions you should take while using public toilets.

  1. Before using the toilet, wipe down the seat and surrounding areas with clean toilet paper. If you are carrying antibacterial wipes, you should use those instead.
  2. After using the toilet, make sure to wash your hands thoroughly.
  3. Always make sure to have an antibacterial hand sanitizer with you, which you should use after using the toilet.

While using a public toilet may sometimes be unavoidable, it is necessary to take these precautions to ensure safety from contracting contagious diseases. Preventive measures should also include buying the best health insurance, which provides you with maximum protection and coverage of expenses of treatment. Apply for Bajaj Allianz health insurance on Finserv MARKETS and get access to a host of benefits with premiums starting at just Rs. 198 per month.

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