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Travel insurance can cover you for a surprising number of situations. Here are 10 examples

By Finserv MARKETS - Aug 23,2019
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10 Situations Where Travel Insurance Can Cover You


A Travel Insurance policy provides coverage against any loss that occurs while travelling. The policy covers you in uncertain situations like flight cancellations, delays, loss of luggage and natural/man-made calamities. It also covers your hospital bills in case of any medical emergency while you travel. As you book your travels, get insured with a robust travel insurance online enabling you to stay covered against any unforeseen events such as medical emergencies, accidents, flight delays or baggage loss. While the coverage under the policy is vast, did you know that there are unusual situations that can be covered as well, including your tattoo allergies? Let’s have a look at 10 such offbeat incidents where you can successfully file a claim.

  • Getting mugged…at the happiest place on earth, Disneyland:

You would want to travel worry-free on a vacation, but thieves won’t care about that. While travelling you are often carrying all your important belongings with you, so the risk is even more. Under the policy available on Bajaj Finserv MARKETS, you will also get financial coverage for emergency cash benefits up to $1500 and for passport loss. In addition to this, it also covers the expenses for arranging a duplicate/temporary passport.

  • When feeding the turtle doesn’t go as planned:

During a vacation, a couple came across a rude turtle in Samoa. The wife was feeding the turtle at the Malua Turtle Feeding Pool, when it bit her hand and pulled her into the water. Her husband, in an attempt to rescue her, also took a tumble headfirst into the water. Their medical expenses were covered under family travel insurance.

  • Damage to the rental car after hitting (or being hit by) a deer:

It has actually happened in Europe to a Kiwi tourist. Driving in Europe can be very relaxing until a deer gets lost and hits your car. Fortunately, a personal accident is also covered if you get it online before your travels. Should an accident occur during your travel, depending on the severity of the incident, the policy provides coverage up to $25,000.

  • Glasses and other being stolen by a monkey:

Deer were not the only animals wreaking havoc. The list also contains monkeys and their nuisance. One such incident involved monkeys stealing things off of unassuming tourists. In another incident, while visiting a temple in Bali, a couple had their bag snatched out of their hands by a cheeky monkey who was visibly upset by the people trying to trick him into giving it back. Ultimately, he threw the bag over a clifftop. The insured’s claim for luggage and personal effects was paid under travel insurance.

  • Finding a bat in your room:

Again, it is a true story. The same list talked about this incident with a tourist in Asia who had to drive a bat out of their hotel room with a pillow. She claimed – successfully – for a rabies shot.

  • Cabin confinement:

Another slightly offbeat claim was for cabin confinement, which is when cruise passengers were forced to stay in their cabin due to illness, leading them to miss ports on cruise journeys, and other travel amendments. An individual travel insurance can help with trip changes and trip curtailments.

  • Coconuts causing head bumps:

A coconut fell on a tourist’s head in Sri Lanka while she was reading in the shade below. Her insurer covered her medical expenses for the treatment she needed for the same.

  • Adventures gone awry:

Fancy going zip-lining or bungee jumping? What happens if you suddenly find yourself flying or bunging face front into a tree? There is no salve for the physical pain, but at least your financial burden is eased: your adventure insurance will cover your medical expenses. It’s handy to have good policy that covers any expenses if you get hurt on holiday.

  • Snake bites and blisters:

One tourist who visited South Africa’s Kruger National Park got bitten by a cobra snake, one of the most venomous snakes in the world. Once again, the medical expenses were all covered under the insurance policy.

  • When swimming with dolphins costs you an engagement ring:

A tourist went shark diving and even though it seems like that was dangerous – it isn’t where the story explodes. The actual accident occurred when she removed her wetsuit and her engagement ring fell off into the deep blue sea. The policy covered the loss.

When you step out to travel to break the monotony of routine, you always expect the unexpected. Sometimes, the unexpected is, however, not so pleasant. Even so, a policy will help you stay on top of things. By protecting you against the most unusual accidents and losses, it goes beyond just compensating for incidents like a flight delay or flight cancellation. Bajaj Allianz travel insurance from Bajaj Finserv MARKETS will give you on-call support anywhere in the world!

Head to Bajaj Finserv MARKETS to read more about the benefits of travel insurance.

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